Proficiency Level System

As a primary concern for foreign volunteers in Taiwan may be in regards to communication, I have instituted the reading and speaking abilities that may be required from each organization. Some places may be translator or “pal” friendly*, meaning if you volunteer with a friend who can communicate and translate basic tasks, you’re good to go!

Please be sure to check the Level required for each task. Also note while I will try my best to provide updates that these is an estimate taken at time of posting and it is best to contact myself or the organization ahead to double check on this and all details before you head out the door.


Level One: None required (speaking in your native tongue and/or English should get you by)

Level Two: Listening (ability to take instructions and nod your way through agreement)

Level Three: Listening and speaking (ability to take instructions and have basic communication)

Level Four: Listening, speaking, and some reading required

Level Five: Fluency required

*”Pal friendly” = if you volunteer with one other person who can communicate up to a certain level that is required, it may be possible to go ahead and help out too!  This will be denoted in the postings.

**Remember that if you are at a higher proficiency level, you can certainly volunteer at the novice levels!


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