The mission of Handful of Sapphires is to provide Taiwan-based volunteers with a portal site on how to create a positive social impact in their community. We take people back to the fundamentals – seeing problems not as “tweeted” or “reported on” but firsthand – then being able to get involved, make a difference, and realize the potential power of impact of an individual can have.


We provide volunteers, targeting those who might not speak or read Hanzhi or Hanyu, with various opportunities get proactively involved with local non-profit organizations and groups. We also aim to become a source for these organizations to rally awareness on their cause and send helping hands their way.

Handful of Sapphires also provides Taiwan-based NPO/NGO and groups with general consulting services.

Focus will be primarily on the following categories in Taiwan:

  1. Animal Welfare
  2. Socially marginalized youths and adults
  3. Indigenous Populations (Native Taiwanese)
  4. Art/Culture
  5. Environment/Green/Sustainable Living

This site also strives to bring to you activism events around the island which you may participate in and get to know more people.


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