For Volunteers

If you want to volunteer, by coming to this site you have already taken the first step in that direction!

  • Browse this site by reading through archives or clicking on the categories you are most interested in.
  • Make sure that you can dedicate yourself to the date and time
  • Take into consideration the language proficiency required for the task.
  • Contact me or the organization directly. If you contact me would be great also because I’d get to know that this site helped you – or organize a group of volunteers to go together!
  • Please update me of your experience with the organization afterwards! It would be great to receive feedback! If you could also donate a picture or two, it would be great so that I can post it here so more people involved – it’s easier to attract others through visual aid!

If you don’t see anything of interest I’d love to know via email or tweet @taiwansapphires!

Feel free also send me more ideas of what you are capable of helping out in and your special skills, your interests and I can keep an eye out for you in the future. Also if you know of other non-profit organizations or special one-time off projects within Taiwan, that would be great if you could send them to me! I also provide consulting services to organizations that you feel may need some exposure.

Please read here for more details on volunteering in Taiwan if you are not a citizen. Even if you are not a citizen or valid visa holder don’t worry, there are other ways you can make a positive social impact! I have outlined opportunities to participant and support in group activities in the category “COMMUNITY


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