This is for anyone who needs exposure to let people know what they or their organization is doing to help Taiwan and the world, or if you need volunteers. For all non-profit/governmental organizations and groups, grassroots movements, or just people who want to get something started, welcome!

In addition to finding volunteers, the below are additional consulting services that can be rendered, time permitted. I want to bring exposure and raise awareness in the international community on all the great work everyone is doing in Taiwan!

  • Organization Presentation – working with you to put together an informative package or presentation so people (volunteers, potential sponsors, etc) know more about what you are doing.
  • Copywriting – writing or revising mission statements, petition letter, press releases, etc.
  • Volunteer Coordination & Outreach – assisting with people you already have on board or determining outreach programs with suited targets for specific goals.
  • General PR services – press releases, media training with interview questions, media preparation, media kits.
  • Branding & Basic Marketing – restructuring or creating a brand identity, defining goals, basic marketing outreach via social media networks and international organizations. Have experience in creation of above the line/below the line marketing collateral in all mediums, including photoshoots, footage for web and/or television broadcast.
  • Communication Strategy – annual plans for media, marketing, volunteers, or events.
  • Organizational Housekeeping – basic guidelines, handbooks, training tools, light contracts and user agreements, etc
  • Event Formulation & Coordination – logistics with event checklist, coordination of key aspects.
  • Producer – ties in with general events, can be broadened into tying in all aspects of identifying what needs to be done, conceptualization event and collaterals, logistics, everything all the way to completion.
  • Fundraising – assistance on fundraising ideas and opportunities with social media and logistics in merchandise production.


If seeking volunteers, please provide as much as you can of the following, if applicable. The more information you provide the better I can help you.

  • Contact info ( email, phone if possible )**
  • Organization or Group Name**
  • Organization logo or images
  • Mission or Objective (who does your organization help)? **
  • What task are the volunteers expected to do? **
  • Date(s), Time, Location **
  • Long term/short term volunteers needed?
  • Any particular skill set required?
  • Language proficiency  in Hanyu/Chinese or Taiwanese, do the volunteers need to know how to speak or write? Please check here to check the levels or I can assess by your description.  語文條件 英文,漢語/中文,台語  –  聽、說 、讀 、寫 **


I lean towards organizations lacking governmental funding that are not under the umbrella of larger parent NGOs, grassroots movements, and those that service a niche needs to the overlooked in their community. Special projects for a good cause also deserve more than just a pat on the back and I’m here to put a voice out for these too! I hope to match everyone up with volunteers who have a strong passion to change the world.

Feel free to email me at handfulofsapphires (at) if you know of any organizations or people who want to do something and make changes to the world! I also encourage everyone to read this site’s disclaimer policy before proceeding!


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