For Groups

Are you part of an organization or club that wants to be proactive in the community? Are you a teacher or a church leader looking for ways to show your students that the one of the best ways to change the world is through trying to understand and help others? Do you want to be someone that gets the ball rolling?

Whether you are a group of three or a organization of 100 people, contact me and I can help to arrange a program for you, suited to interests and either long term or short term specifics. I can give you a small idea of the options that are offered to strengthen our relationship with others and society. I am continuously working to update my network so we can all build towards a better future!

Please try to provide me with the below:

1) Organization / Club / Group Details

2) Estimated number and age group of people who will participate

3) Are you looking for long term / short term volunteering?

4) How often and when will the group be available ( 1 x week ; 1 x month ; Saturdays only; etc)

5) What category are you interested in ? ( Animals, Art, Indigenous, etc)

6) What is the Language Proficiency Level?

7) Is there a specific time frame (for example October-December 2012)



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