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2013 8/21 Orientation Volunteering with Elderly, Homeless, Low Income Single Parents – HuaShan Social Welfare Foundation (Taipei Area)

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to visit the HuaShan Social Welfare Foundation a few days ago, thanks to a friend’s (Robbie) introduction to this group. The organization actually has two other sister organizations, between the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and the 人安基金 (RenAn Social Welfare Foundation). Between these the group assists the … Continue reading

Long Term Opportunity at Women & Children Center – Harmony Home Association (Taipei Area)

Updated 1/28/2012 Photos & Proficiency Level. Headed over there today for a few hours, it was chockfull of rambunctious kids! If you head over on the weekdays, children 0-2 are at the center all day; 3+ in school until around 4-5pm. Weekends everyone is there and you will also meet a ton of other great … Continue reading

2012 1/18 – Help and get to know the kids – Harmony Home Association (Taipei Area)

Update 1/22/2012 – one image and short description! Scroll below. I had the fortune to meet Dr. Joseph Deyama at an Amnesty International meeting in December who strongly suggested I look into the Harmony Home Association in Taiwan that provides safe shelter and assistance for victims of sex trafficking and children or adults afflicted with … Continue reading