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2015 1/10 Santa Jia Xin Tie Dye Workshop (Bright Side Projects) – ChingChuan

Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we head to ChingChuan on January 10th! We will be bringing love with us celebrate our 2.5 years anniversary in this community. Other than gifts from Jia-Xin and a delicious vegetarian feast to be prepared by Sophie Hsu, we will have an amazing tie-dye shirt day and make … Continue reading

2014 11/1 & 11/2 Day of the Dead Celebrations (Bright Side) – Taoyuan & ChingChuan Area

We welcome everyone to join us for on the first weekend of November so we can learn more about the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration。 Not only will we celebrate this blessed holiday through fun art activities but also learn about plants and life. We need those with an artistic thumb, green thumb, and … Continue reading

Volunteer teacher call-outs for Bright Side Projects

Have ideas to get involved in the Taiwanese community and be surrounded by kids (not teaching English)? Language Proficiency: One Time Commitment: 1-2 day workshop; approximately 2 meetings beforehand and items such as biography, material list, communication required. The mission of Bright Side Projects is to give everyone the opportunity and platform to create magical … Continue reading

2014 4/19 Volunteers to shoot short film with Atayal Kids – Bright Side (ChingChuan Area)

One day plus tons of kids (big and little), added to heaps of fun, equals infinite possibilities for our exciting short film creation workshop this April! This time we welcome Teacher Manbo Key to take us on a fascinating and fantastic adventure, to see the world around us in a new light and capture the … Continue reading

2013 12/28 Volunteers for Santa Jia-Xin’s Holiday Workshop 聖誕老公公Jia-Xin的工作坊 (ChingChuan Area)

Santa Jia-Xin’s coming to Taiwan again! We have successfully met our fundraising goal for this year and the heartfelt love of Jia-Xin will be spread to various communities. We will be creating magical winter wonderlands out of clay with the indigenous youth, munching on gingerbread cookies and sip on hot chocolate! 漢語部份 Fresh Bakery & … Continue reading

2013 9/28 Volunteers for “Mini Me” Paper Me Project – Bright Side (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

Here comes another fun and valuable course for both the kids and volunteers. In the past year and with almost a dozen workshops, one of the current trends I noticed is that kids are hesitant to present their work. Although they are very familiar with our returning volunteers and are definitely a rambunctious bunch,  when … Continue reading

2013 7/27 蘇力颱風後捐贈 & 清潔 Donations & Clean Up Post Typhoon Soulik (清泉ChingChuan, 新竹Hsinchu)

Devastation has wrecked the roads and many of the homes in ChingChuan. This is where we have been basing many of our volunteer efforts in the past year (you can read more here). I have been in touch with the people who live there and some just had electricity and running water repaired yesterday. Images … Continue reading

2013 7/27 Volunteers for Mad Scientist Lab II – Bright Side Projects (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

Another great course taught by a volunteer, space is filling up fast! A great way to spend a day in the mountains, fresh air, with other volunteers and the most adorable Atayal kids! 我們要帶小朋友一起用廢紙做的做火山,然後跟著老師調出使火山爆發的原料,探索火山的秘密!過程中小朋友可以自行發揮想像力說故事,故事將被記錄下 來做成小短片。Potential in the world is limitless and kids can grow up to do great things! This course will give kids a … Continue reading

2013 5/10-12 Artistic Expression Through Motion 肢體生活營課程 – Bright Side Projects (青山國小 Tainan)

肢體生活營課程將在5月10日~5月12日台南青山國小舉辦課程!很高興被邀請下去台南舉辦這堂課也感謝ICHI 還有 JAMES把他們的時間留下來一起去認識西拉雅族小朋友。 住在台南或南部的志工朋友要抱窩這機會參加我們的課程喔! Yes! We are heading down to Tainan on May 10th for a 2 day workshop with kids from ChingShan Elementary School. The majority of these children are from the Taiwanese indigenous Siraya tribe and I am really excited to have been invited over with teachers Ichi and James. They are kind … Continue reading

*FULL* 2013 4/27 Volunteers different skills needed for workshop with kids! – Bright Side Projects (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

Bright Side will be starting the first of the “Advocacy Through Art” series! This series welcomes us to gain knowledge about a new world and empowers by kids channeling their artistic talents to make a positive impact on the world. Through various forms of hands-on arts and crafts, this April four amazing teachers will guide … Continue reading