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2013 9/4-5 South Wind Photo Exhibition Set Up (Taichung Area)

Did you have a chance to make it to this amazing “South Wind” photo exhibition by the spectacular PNN photojournalist Edd Jhong? It was hosted in Taipei and now it’s coming to Taichung, needs some helping hands to set up the venue. Read more about the exhibition in Taipei Times. Date/Time: September 4th (Wednesday) and … Continue reading

2013 8/3-5 Home Paint Repair! – Youth Alliance for Losheng (Taipei Area)

A few days late in writing (have been out of it lately) I promise to get my things in order. Want to put your hands to work and get to know more about what’s going on in Taiwan? Since the inception of the MRT plans near LoSheng Sanitorium was first proposed in 1994, a seed … Continue reading

2013 7/14 Event – South Wind Photo Exhibition (Taipei Area)

I rarely get excited enough about an event that I have to post about it here. However, one of the best photojournalists in Taiwan is hosting an exhibition of his work and grand opening today at 3:00pm in Taipei. I will not be in town until early July so would like to see if anyone … Continue reading

2012 11/23; 11/30 Clothes Sorting for the Homeless (Wanhua Taipei Area)

I have volunteering here since June and they generally do not permit short term volunteers so this a good way to get to know and help out at the church near Longshan Temple! I really need a few helping hands (I ideally need just 1-2 other people) on Fridays of 11/23 and 11/30 for about … Continue reading

2012 10/23 Event: Amnesty Taiwan Urgent Action FREE BASSEL #FREEBASSEL (Taipei Area)

It never hits closer to home than when it happens to someone you know. Syria has never been further from most of our minds for us living Taiwan except for my good pal Christopher Adams, whose fear came true when Bassel Khartabil was detained in Syria this March 2012. Facebook event here! More details in … Continue reading

2012 7/15 Event: NGO/NPO Computer Security Course for Activists

With the recent wave of attacks on Gmail accounts for NGOs in Taiwan, we will host a free class open to all on steps to take to ensure protection for your information, both for your cause and personal data that can and may be used against you.  針對近來台灣非政府組織所遭遇的一連串Gmail駭客攻擊,我們將舉辦免費的課程來協助大眾了解保護個人資料與事業情報的重要性和可採取的步驟。Jack也將會指導TOR匿名網路系統的安裝, 所以如果你有筆記型電腦, 歡迎帶來實地演練! In addition to Sean Su’s … Continue reading

2012 7/29-31「Green Island」Human Rights, Water, Sun Getaway (Taiwan – Green Island)

Been leaning heavily on attendance of rallies and protests (I’ll upload some pictures in the much lacking update flickr site) but here’s a small getaway I’m planning that can have you open your eyes to the wonderment of the world and the history of that which surrounds you. If you either live, love, or hate … Continue reading

2012 3/30-4/30 Donations/Amenities for the Homeless

Updated 6/7/2012 IMAGE I had a chance to finally stop by Wanhua to drop off previously donated items for the homeless a few weeks back and what I found was a very simple space (edit out name) They were preparing dinner and the pastor took me to downstairs to see the donations that were readily … Continue reading

3/19-24 Volunteers & Participants Needed for AI Burma Film Festival (Amnesty International)

This is happening – Amnesty International Taiwan Film Festival – 2012 Spotlight on Burma. We do need a few helping hand around the venues to guide people or welcome people to come watch the films. Dates / Times / Location: 3/19-23, either a 4:30-7:00pm time slot or 6:30-9:00pm time slot. On the 24th we will … Continue reading

2012 228「REBELLION ‧ FREEDOM!」Nylon Cheng Photo Exhibition (Taipei Area)

“Fish swim, birds fly, people learn…Learning is the experience of being alive, it is an expression of vitality. We only stop learning when we die.” – John Holt To commemorate 228 we will be meeting at the Cheng Nan Jung (Nylon) Memorial Museum 鄭南榕基金會 for their special photo exhibition this Tuesday that runs until 6/30. … Continue reading