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2015 5/16 龍洞春季大掃除 Long Dong Spring Clean Up (LongDong Area)

  For all those into beach clean ups! Let’s keep Taiwan and Long Dong beautiful! Open to all and no registration required, just show up at the below date/time and location to join. Language proficiency 1. 感謝Emma和Chet自願幫忙辦理活動, 2015年的龍洞春季大掃除有日期了!! Big thank you to Emma and Chet helping out organizing the event, the 2015 Long Dong Spring … Continue reading

2014 11/1 & 11/2 Day of the Dead Celebrations (Bright Side) – Taoyuan & ChingChuan Area

We welcome everyone to join us for on the first weekend of November so we can learn more about the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration。 Not only will we celebrate this blessed holiday through fun art activities but also learn about plants and life. We need those with an artistic thumb, green thumb, and … Continue reading

2013 7/14 Event – South Wind Photo Exhibition (Taipei Area)

I rarely get excited enough about an event that I have to post about it here. However, one of the best photojournalists in Taiwan is hosting an exhibition of his work and grand opening today at 3:00pm in Taipei. I will not be in town until early July so would like to see if anyone … Continue reading

2013 7/1-31 or 8/1-31 Volunteer Research Assistants for Green Sea Turtle Conservation (Penghu)

What a great opportunity! Interested in hanging out in Penghu for a month this summer and helping out with the environment? Reposting this, all details below. Applications due by April 30th, 2013. Language proficiency is one! 中文請參考這~ Contact: Peter Kowalski Period July 1st – July 31st, 2013 or August 1st – August 31, 2013 … Continue reading

2012 9/20 Event: Vicious Vegan Video Potluck – It’s A Vegan Affair (Taipei Area)

I’ve been on and off on really starting up a community in that takes activism back to our everyday living and promise to aim more for that in September. Beyond general habits of consumerist intake, this is also consumption of plastic usage (oh my goodness lots of to-go drinks in Taiwan) and foods. “It’s a … Continue reading

2012 8/22-26 Designing Winter Refuge Islands and Horseshoe Crab Conservation Pools, Building Green Energy Generators, and Constructing Traditional Fishing Nets – Wetlands Breadbasket International Volunteers Workshop (Budai, Chiayi)

This info was just passed by a friend and what an amazing opportunity to travel southwards in Taiwan and learn about conservation as well get hands on in design and construction. Workshop: Designing Winter Refuge Islands and Horseshoe Crab Conservation Pools, Building Green Energy Generators, and Constructing Traditional Fishing Nets. While the dates are 22-26; … Continue reading

2012 Ongoing Opportunity: Permaculture Organic Farming – Yamana Garden (Taipei, Yangmingshan Area)

Green living and sustainability; it has taken a long for me to update onto this site with the appropriate opportunities. For all that I am doing, it is one of my ultimate goals and wishes for us to re-create this relationship with the earth and our food – it is through that channel, as it … Continue reading