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Clothing & Electronics 全新衣物科技產品

由於我們與Goods360合作,我們有一系列JC Penny的全新衣物和可使用的科技產品。這些可免費贈與給會得到最大幫助的團體。好幾趟下來,我拿到了15箱的物品,也都運送並整理好了。 下面是細分: 衣物適合夏天和秋天。科技產品請查詢型號。 物品不能做出售,替換或以貨易貨。你必須負責運送的安排及費用。取貨地點在台北市的圓山捷運站附近。請與聯絡。 如果你有興趣,請提供 你的機構名稱 敘述會收到這些物品的目標區域或人 必須要提供這些物品到達目的地後的照片(不需要能辨識的臉部照片) 另外,如果你想幫忙貢獻,請每箱物品捐五百元,讓我們可以把一部分的物品送到台東的康樂福音教會。 狀態良好:桌上型電腦,筆記型電腦,數位相機,印表機,顯示器 – 請看列表做預訂。 一號箱:休閒服裝,主要是便服。尺寸1X號。 二號箱:休閒辦公服飾;辦公褲,外套,裙子及洋裝。尺寸M號。 三號箱:運動及休閒服裝;瑜珈褲,透氣短袖及長袖上衣,洋裝。尺寸M號及1X號。 四號箱:各式桌布,窗簾及餐桌墊。 10/31前沒有被預定的物品會被回收再利用。物品運送必須在十月或十一月做好安排。 翻譯:Justine Hsu Thanks to our cooperation with Goods360, we have an array of brand new clothing and useable tech items from JC Penney! These are free to be given to communities that would benefit the most from … Continue reading

2015 5/16 龍洞春季大掃除 Long Dong Spring Clean Up (LongDong Area)

  For all those into beach clean ups! Let’s keep Taiwan and Long Dong beautiful! Open to all and no registration required, just show up at the below date/time and location to join. Language proficiency 1. 感謝Emma和Chet自願幫忙辦理活動, 2015年的龍洞春季大掃除有日期了!! Big thank you to Emma and Chet helping out organizing the event, the 2015 Long Dong Spring … Continue reading

InterNations Charity Group Manager (Taiwan)

A really exciting opportunity to get involved in the local community plus network with people locally and from abroad! Need someone based in Taiwan who is sociable, eager to coordinate fun creative fundraisers, and also wanting to make a positive impact in their community. *** Language Proficiency: Level One Contact: Sophie Hsu (InterNations Ambassador Taipei) … Continue reading

2014 International Volunteers for Summer Camp – 伊甸國際志工暑期營隊 Eden Social Welfare Foundation

A fantastic opportunity for the summer with a very well-organized foundation! I’ve volunteered with them awhile back and had a good experience so I’m really honored they reached out to me to see if there are other people interested. This is a rare chance that a local organization is specifically targeting international volunteers that speak … Continue reading

2014 2/18 Morning Bingo with the Elderly + Afternoon Dog Walks (Beitou Area)

A double whammy! Thanks to I See Yoga by Leona, we will visit the Renji Senior Citizen Hospital for BINGO and head to Animals Taiwan afterwards. You can make it for one or both activities! Language Proficiency: Level 1 (you don’t need to speak Mandarin to be able to help the folks fill out their … Continue reading

2013 12/28 Volunteers for Santa Jia-Xin’s Holiday Workshop 聖誕老公公Jia-Xin的工作坊 (ChingChuan Area)

Santa Jia-Xin’s coming to Taiwan again! We have successfully met our fundraising goal for this year and the heartfelt love of Jia-Xin will be spread to various communities. We will be creating magical winter wonderlands out of clay with the indigenous youth, munching on gingerbread cookies and sip on hot chocolate! 漢語部份 Fresh Bakery & … Continue reading

2013 12/8 – Christmas in Wulai III (Wulai Area)

Carolers, performers, all volunteers needed! If you also have items to donate for their raffle, contact them. Language proficiency: One Date: December 8th 2013 (Sunday) Time: 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm Location: Wulai (first the indigenous museum and then the Wulai Naluwan Hot Spring Hotel) Contact: Mr. Smoke  0930  963 113 FB event: “Once … Continue reading

2013 December Holiday WishList !

We are going to be gifting households and children this year and need the below items with the below deadlines! Contact for the address and gift labels. Other than foodstuffs, we will require that gifts be gift wrapped and labelled. Please ensure that all foodstuffs are new, unopened, and not expired. Thanks! Do contact us … Continue reading

2013 11/17 Carnegie’s Pub Quiz Event – Animals Taiwan (Taipei area)

Animals Taiwan will be hosting a fun pub quiz event at Carnegie’s, one that’s fun for the family and everyone! If you can’t ‘volunteer’ you can always come grab a drink and join in the pub quiz. Language Proficiency: Level One Date: November 17th, 2013Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Location: Carnegie’s (No. 100, Section … Continue reading

2013 11/9 Chili For Charity – Taichung Charity Chili Cook-Off (Taichung Area)

Looks like a fun and delicious event! Hurrah for a vegetarian chili option! All proceeds from this event go to the AmCham Kidz Fund, which helps Taichung orphans and children-in-need. There are various ways to help from volunteering at the event to becoming a contestant. Do read through the below on ways to help and … Continue reading