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Clothing & Electronics 全新衣物科技產品

由於我們與Goods360合作,我們有一系列JC Penny的全新衣物和可使用的科技產品。這些可免費贈與給會得到最大幫助的團體。好幾趟下來,我拿到了15箱的物品,也都運送並整理好了。 下面是細分: 衣物適合夏天和秋天。科技產品請查詢型號。 物品不能做出售,替換或以貨易貨。你必須負責運送的安排及費用。取貨地點在台北市的圓山捷運站附近。請與聯絡。 如果你有興趣,請提供 你的機構名稱 敘述會收到這些物品的目標區域或人 必須要提供這些物品到達目的地後的照片(不需要能辨識的臉部照片) 另外,如果你想幫忙貢獻,請每箱物品捐五百元,讓我們可以把一部分的物品送到台東的康樂福音教會。 狀態良好:桌上型電腦,筆記型電腦,數位相機,印表機,顯示器 – 請看列表做預訂。 一號箱:休閒服裝,主要是便服。尺寸1X號。 二號箱:休閒辦公服飾;辦公褲,外套,裙子及洋裝。尺寸M號。 三號箱:運動及休閒服裝;瑜珈褲,透氣短袖及長袖上衣,洋裝。尺寸M號及1X號。 四號箱:各式桌布,窗簾及餐桌墊。 10/31前沒有被預定的物品會被回收再利用。物品運送必須在十月或十一月做好安排。 翻譯:Justine Hsu Thanks to our cooperation with Goods360, we have an array of brand new clothing and useable tech items from JC Penney! These are free to be given to communities that would benefit the most from … Continue reading

2015 8/22 “Mini Me” Art Workshop w/MuHsiang Children’s Home (Taoyuan Area)

Purpose: The “Mini Me” is a series of empowerment courses that commands an introspection of knowing oneself first, and thus, how to interact with others. Through innovative, creative forms and guidance of volunteers children will learn valuable tools to tap their “inner child” and express themselves. We welcome friends to join us as we lead … Continue reading

2015 8/2 Summer Dog Wash n’ Walk – Animals Taiwan (Taipei Area)

Heading back to Animals Taiwan for the summer! I know the weather is insane but AT dogs needs you this Sunday! Meet some great human animals and get to know our furry friends at the same time.Wear comfortable clothing, sunscreen, bring your own water! Recommend to bring extra pair of flip flops for when you … Continue reading

2015 7/5 Dog Wash and Walk (Animals Taiwan)

Meet up this Sunday to wash and or wash the doggies at Animals Taiwan! Please select your choice of transportation to get to the centre and see you at 2:00 pm. If it rains we will still be able to wash the doggies. **You must let us know you are coming beforehand (7/5 9:00 am … Continue reading

2015 5/21-6/30 Art Project – Send in Photos of Hand-written Numerals (Asia Only)

Just a random art project for my long time friend Helen Lee, who will compile images into an upcoming book. We need you to keep your eyes out and shoot pictures of hand-written arabic (1,2,3,4,etc) numerals any/everywhere you see them in Asia. Language proficiency: Level One Directions: 1) Consent to Helen Lee utilising your images of … Continue reading

2015 5/16 龍洞春季大掃除 Long Dong Spring Clean Up (LongDong Area)

  For all those into beach clean ups! Let’s keep Taiwan and Long Dong beautiful! Open to all and no registration required, just show up at the below date/time and location to join. Language proficiency 1. 感謝Emma和Chet自願幫忙辦理活動, 2015年的龍洞春季大掃除有日期了!! Big thank you to Emma and Chet helping out organizing the event, the 2015 Long Dong Spring … Continue reading

2015 7/1-8/13 English/Art/Handicraft/Etc Summer Camp (伊甸國際志工暑期營隊 Eden Social Welfare Foundation) – Taipei/Yilan

Eden Social Welfare Foundation is doing a callout for its annual international volunteer program for the summer. I’ve volunteered before with them and they are great at training and giving instruction on what is needed. They are seeking volunteers that speak English so Language Proficiency is 1; they can also assist with the proper visa … Continue reading

Donations Drive! Warm Clothing, Footwear, etc (anywhere in Taiwan)

This is a call-out to clean your closets before the Lunar New Years 🙂 Needed 須要禦寒衣物!!國小一年級至高中2年+老年人 Warm clothing in good-new condition for first grade up to high school students. Also need warm clothing for the elderly. These will for TaiDong’s Pastor Tian, someone I used to collaborate with almost 9 years ago when I started … Continue reading

2015 1/10 Santa Jia Xin Tie Dye Workshop (Bright Side Projects) – ChingChuan

Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we head to ChingChuan on January 10th! We will be bringing love with us celebrate our 2.5 years anniversary in this community. Other than gifts from Jia-Xin and a delicious vegetarian feast to be prepared by Sophie Hsu, we will have an amazing tie-dye shirt day and make … Continue reading

Long Term – Volunteer Coordinator House of Mercy (Taichung)

Sounds like a lovely and worthy cause. For people who are located and based in Taichung! This is a posting from the Foreign Students Volunteer Club. This is for a passionate someone who wants to coordinate between Mercy House and volunteers (they service disabled children). Some past activities include assisting with meal times and feeding … Continue reading