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2015 1/10 Santa Jia Xin Tie Dye Workshop (Bright Side Projects) – ChingChuan

Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we head to ChingChuan on January 10th! We will be bringing love with us celebrate our 2.5 years anniversary in this community. Other than gifts from Jia-Xin and a delicious vegetarian feast to be prepared by Sophie Hsu, we will have an amazing tie-dye shirt day and make apple lollipops!

Purpose: Spread Santa Jia-Xin’s warmth and love to all and also let others know to give back in turn.


Date: 1/10/2015
Location: TaoShan Youth Cultural Center in ChingChuan (East HsinChu)
Time: 10:30 – 17:00 (08:00 departures from Taipei)

Tasks: Tie dye station, arts & crafts, creating caramel lollipops.

Language Proficiency: One

More details and register info here:聖誕jia-xin活動:繽紛紮染-santa-jia-xin-rainbow-tie-dyes/


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