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2014 8/31 Make Friends in our BUILD A HOME Arts & Crafts Workshop (Taoyuan Area)

For many of us, we have been brainstorming and creating at the MuHsiang’s new home for the past few weeks. Everyone has found their niche and we’d love for you to join us in the last bit before we finish building for the summer. Come take a look at what’s going on and assist us with a fun project – we want kids to create a piece of art or themselves so they can put this on the walls of their new homes. Adding a personal touch to your own home is so important!


Date 日期: 8/31 (Sunday) 8月31日(日)
Time 時間: 11:30 – 15:30
Location 地點: 睦祥新家 MuHsiang New Home (near Taoyuan Airport)

Lead Teacher 老師: Haena Kang (New York)

Tasks: learn alongside kids to create a piece of art and themselves for the new home.
任務: 陪伴孩子一起在藝術家引導下創作一件迷你藝術品,藝術品將在完工時被裝飾於新家牆面。

For more information and signing up:

This is in relation to Bright Side Project’s “BUILD A HOME.”  MuHsiang Children’s Home’s new residence is a former elementary school with 10 classrooms that will be renovated into dormitories for the youth. Bright Side Projects has been asked to assist with the beautification and would love to invite the artist community in Taiwan to forge a friendship with the children and to brighten the rooms and create a home for them!


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