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2014 International Volunteers for Summer Camp – 伊甸國際志工暑期營隊 Eden Social Welfare Foundation

A fantastic opportunity for the summer with a very well-organized foundation! I’ve volunteered with them awhile back and had a good experience so I’m really honored they reached out to me to see if there are other people interested. This is a rare chance that a local organization is specifically targeting international volunteers that speak English so plan accordingly and jump on board while you can. They are able to issue a letter of invitation to facilitate the visa application process for volunteers. Application deadline is June 6th.

Language Proficiency: One

There are different time slots in different parts of Taiwan, please refer to the info below.

“Interested in meeting and working with young people from different cultural backgrounds? Interested in changing the world with love and care while making new friends? Welcome to Eden summer camp! Here we work hard and play hard!
Now is your chance to do international volunteer work and explore Taiwan, one of the most breathtaking islands in the world! Come join our team and experience Taiwanese culture along the way. Together we can create the most amazing volunteer experience!

Eligible Volunteers: Between the ages of 18 – 35 or 16 – 18 with legal guardian consent.
(Volunteers with physical disabilities are very welcome!)

Serving Targets: Children from new immigrant families & youths with visual impairments

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 10.51.14 PM

Work content: Include English teaching and multicultural activities with local primary school children from recent immigrant families, marginalized communities and students with visual impairments. (Volunteers are expected to work together to design creative activities such as singing, dancing, cooking or handcraft from their cultural backgrounds.)

Camp 1 is sponsored by the Cathay Social Welfare so the 1000NT is just a deposit that will be returned upon camp completion. Accommodation, travel expense, insurance, are covered.

Camp 2,3,4 fees are below and cover food, insurance, and other admin costs. You must be able to find your own accommodations in Taipei for these three camps.

***There are two ways to be exempted from the charge: 1.Those traveling from outside of Taiwan to attend the camps if they provide us with their boarding passes and do not request Eden to facilitate their visa applications. 2. Those who become volunteer leaders in charge of initiating group discussions to design camp courses, creating, editing teaching materials and other administrative work**

How to register: Please read through the below as there are requirements. Then you can fill out

Contact: E-mail: or TEL: +886-2-2578-4515 ext. 202

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 9.45.28 PM


Volunteer work description:
1. Eden Social Welfare Foundation is one of the largest NGOs in Taiwan serving communities at home and abroad with more than two thousand employees over the last thirty years. As a Christian NGO, Eden remains steadfast over the years to our commitment to serve people with disabilities as well as other communities in need, including low-income families and survivors of natural disasters, to name a few.

2. Since 2009, Eden has held summer volunteer programs, inviting youths from all over the world to serve local communities in Taiwan.

3. Eden summer volunteer programs include English teaching and multicultural activities with local primary school children from recent immigrant families, marginalized communities and students with visual impairments. (Volunteers are expected to work together to design creative activities such as singing, dancing, cooking or handcraft from their cultural backgrounds.)

4. As members of underprivileged families or marginalized communities, job opportunities are often limited for the parents, and children are often raised by their grandparents. Many young participants of the program struggle in school due to the lack of support and resources at home. Students with visual impairments also face the same, if not greater, challenges.

5. Eden International Volunteer Project is designed to empower these children by giving them the opportunity to learn English and fun activities that would allow them to see different cultures around the world, thus motivating them to learn.

6. In addition to serving underprivileged communities in Taiwan, the program also aims to offer their volunteers a chance to experience Taiwanese culture. Throughout the years, Eden has established close relationships with local communities in Taiwan, and hope to make an impact on the lives of the volunteers.

Special requirements:
1. Successful candidates must participate in a 3-day orientation and training prior to their camps.

2. Prospective volunteers with disabilities are encouraged to sign with the precondition that they are capable of independent travelling. Volunteers must have their travel plans and accommodations fully arranged before arriving in Taiwan. Eden Social Welfare Foundation can provide assistance where possible.

3. Applicants who are 20 y/o and above are preferred.

4. Members of Christian communities are encouraged to apply while applications from all prospective volunteers are considered regardless of religious affiliation.

5. Applicants with special skills in singing, dancing, performance art, cooking, storytelling, or team-building are most welcome.

6. Potential candidates for our programs must demonstrate a respect for diversity, a genuine appreciation of different cultures and values, a strong sense of responsibility, and excellent skills in teamwork and interpersonal communication

7. Please note that we cannot review an application until we are given the names and contact information of at least two referees due to legal requirements. Your referee could be professors or teachers at higher education institutes, volunteer supervisors, or pastor or priest of your local congregation. A copy of “Police Record Certificate or Certificate of Good Conduct” should also be submitted if available.

8. Please submit proof of Chinese language proficiency (if available).

9. Each applicant must fill out the online registration form to be found at or Eden’s English website

10. Applicants will be notified for an interview once they have passed the first stages of our evaluation.


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