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Volunteer teacher call-outs for Bright Side Projects

Have ideas to get involved in the Taiwanese community and be surrounded by kids (not teaching English)?

Language Proficiency: One
Time Commitment: 1-2 day workshop; approximately 2 meetings beforehand and items such as biography, material list, communication required.

The mission of Bright Side Projects is to give everyone the opportunity and platform to create magical moments and experiences, furthering involvement in their communities. Currently we are working with an amazing group of kids in ChingChuan who are predominately from the Atayal tribe / plus a passionate group of youths located in TaoYuan at MuHsiang Orphanage.


What does Bright Side need? A rotation of passionate volunteer teachers that can teach innovative and engaging courses on weekends.  Prefer consecutive courses that can be taught in progression so children can build on their skills but I am also open to hearing fantastic ideas.

We run the full gamut from building volcanoes or spaghetti bridges, shooting short films, making pizzas, and more. We love new things.

You can read more information here!
Contact Daisy at (at)


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