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2013 12/28 Volunteers for Santa Jia-Xin’s Holiday Workshop 聖誕老公公Jia-Xin的工作坊 (ChingChuan Area)

Santa Jia-Xin’s coming to Taiwan again! We have successfully met our fundraising goal for this year and the heartfelt love of Jia-Xin will be spread to various communities. We will be creating magical winter wonderlands out of clay with the indigenous youth, munching on gingerbread cookies and sip on hot chocolate!

Fresh Bakery & Cafe will be sponsoring the December workshops with gingerbread cookies and other vegan delights! THANKS!

Language proficiency: One

Date/Time: 12/18 (Saturday)11:00 – 15:30 (departures from Taipei at 8:00 am)

Location: Taushan Youth Cultural Center located in ChingChuan, Hsinchu

Tasks: Clay creations, creating gifts, decorating gingerbread cookies, etc.

How to register? Send an email to (at) and fill out this form

Material fees for volunteers are waived, thanks to generous donations. Come spend the holidays with us. We will sort out the transportation depending on if people are driving cars and fees are partially subsidized as well!

More details on workshop:聖誕老公公jia-xin的工作坊/
More details on Santa Jia-Xin’s activities from 2012:
Facebook event:

Jeremy and Tracie Rosenberg
Yuting Hung (matched dollar for dollar!)
Sharon & Buce
Guylaine & Terry
Laura & Jeff
The Bisskys
Uncle Jeff, Auntie Janet and Baby Morgan
Melissa & Danny
Eryn Holbrook
Jonathan Morrissey
Kathy Koopman
Omadar & Marc
The Dorval Family
Mitch Chang
Jordan Raine
Anna’s Incense
Miranda Friz
Iron Man Markus
Towler Family
Karen and Tim
Emily Halpen-Buie
Katarina and Mattias
Marla and Steve Rosenberg
Kim Roberts
Sherry Farley
Megan MacDonald
Jeff H
And other generous “Anonymous” sponsors!


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