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2013 9/12 Orientation Volunteering with Elderly, Homeless, Low Income Single Parents – HuaShan Social Welfare Foundation (Taipei Area)

First time delayed due to typhoon! I was fortunate enough to have a chance to visit the HuaShan Social Welfare Foundation awhile backthanks to a friend’s (Robbie) introduction to this group. The organization actually has two other sister organizations, between the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and the 人安基金 (RenAn Social Welfare Foundation). Between these the group assists the elderly, homeless, and low-income single parents in Taiwan. Extremely comprehensive!

Those plastic donation boxes for receipts you see everywhere with the brush stroke sketch of a person holding another? Comes from this group. There are many tasks that can be done and heading over to help with basic volunteer work may be the entryway into assisting the elderly, homeless, and the single parents directly pending on your time and schedule.
What I have listed will be for short term volunteers tasks for next week as an introduction. You can always head back if you have the passion to get more involved. This includes volunteering on senior citizen visits and hospital runs, food service for the homeless, creative business expansion ideas for low-income single parents.

Sporadic events I will update on this site. But if you are interested in coming with me next Wednesday to help out and learn more, contact me!

Tasks: Organizing receipts, sorting through donations, assisting with charity sale, donation boxes, etc.

Language Proficiency: Ideally two, but since I will be there next week, Level One.

Date/Time: September 12th 2013 (Thursday) from 12:30 – 2:00 pm
Location: Meet up at Shilin MRT and walk over (about 10 minutes)

Their official address is 台灣台北市士林中正路420號 / No. 420, Zhōngzhèng Rd, Shilin District

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More details:

財團法人創世社會福利基金會 Genesis Social Welfare Foundation


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