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2013 8/3-5 Home Paint Repair! – Youth Alliance for Losheng (Taipei Area)

A few days late in writing (have been out of it lately) I promise to get my things in order. Want to put your hands to work and get to know more about what’s going on in Taiwan?

Since the inception of the MRT plans near LoSheng Sanitorium was first proposed in 1994, a seed has been planted in the hearts of those who have a stake in a community they have built with their malformed hands. Once the residents were shunned and quarantined for leprosy, forced into isolation on this plot of land; now they are being pushed away again by ever-widening cracks due to relentless construction of the MRT. Could the station be relocated? Come learn the answer.


Date/Time: Between 8/3 (Saturday) and 8/5 (Monday). Everyday starts at 10:00 am till 5:00 pm.

Tasks: Painting, cleaning,  as required. Learning more about LoSheng and getting to know the residents and the history of the establishment.

Language Proficiency: Level 2

Location: LoSheng Sanitorium (transport details here)

A few options and you can also google map to see the newest route to get to this destination
No. 794, Zhōngzhèng Rd, Xinzhuang District ( )

※ MRT: Ximen Station Exit 6 => Chengdu road to take bus number 635
※ MRT: Far Eastern Hospital Station exit => Blue Bus No. 37 to the new village
※ MRT: Minquan West Road Station and Zhongshan Station No. 635 bus to Lok Sang village sanatorium Station
※ MRT: Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Banqiao station or bus station exit => Blue Bus No. 37


More about Losheng:


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