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2013 7/27 蘇力颱風後捐贈 & 清潔 Donations & Clean Up Post Typhoon Soulik (清泉ChingChuan, 新竹Hsinchu)

Devastation has wrecked the roads and many of the homes in ChingChuan. This is where we have been basing many of our volunteer efforts in the past year (you can read more here). I have been in touch with the people who live there and some just had electricity and running water repaired yesterday.

Images from 7/16-17 delivery and images please check here:




100% of the funds for “CHINGCHUAN SOULIK RELIEF FUND” will go to ChingChuan and getting items and volunteers there. 清泉區蘇力救濟基金100%資金皆用在在清泉地區並且將物資、志工帶到那裏

Different Ways to Help Out!



Purchase these items urgently!
緊急 捐贈下列的項目的超連結只是方便快速做說明物品的參考 並非指定用品 The items below are similar to what the church needs, for your reference and pricing.

 抽水馬達  water bump

發電機  generator

無線電對講機  handheld transceiver;_ylt=ArBh0qNi1_8edQABm2NVyMVyFbN8;_ylv=3

急救箱  first-aid boxes;_ylt=ApWLfJMY1j0sq9mH0DR4ywdyFbN8;_ylv=3




Notify Handful of Sapphires of your transfer of funds, we will deliver if these can get to us by Saturday July 27th!Handful of Sapphires
Handfulofsapphires (at) gmail.com台北富邦銀行 帳號 (FUBON ACCT):7261 6829 1508
銀行代號 BANK CODE: 012


聯絡 Handful of Sapphires
Handfulofsapphires (at)

Link here

Donate monetary sums so the church can replace and fix their broken pipelines! 10 KM worth!捐款 教會有辦法修水管, 需要10KM!  03-5856234嵨瀨教會烏杜夫牧師

Contact is above but we are asking funds be wired to Bright Side Projects (at)

Email to notify the amount, and what it’s for ( CHINGCHUAN SOULIK RELIEF FUND) you will be wiring. Link here to find info on how to transfer funds.

Donate kids clothing and footwear (please be wearable without rips and holes, unwashable stains. best to wash beforehand)捐贈 小朋友的衣服與鞋子(還堪穿且沒有裂開或是破洞的、沒有顯著無法清除的汙漬,如果能夠先清洗再捐贈更好) Rangi Association
rangi.association (at)
Donate vitamins (for kids and elderly)
捐贈 維他命(小孩與老人用)
Handful of Sapphires
Handfulofsapphires (at)
Donate monetary sums to purchase vitamins and other needed supplies.
捐款 購買維他命和其他的補給品
Bright Side Projects (at) gmail.comEmail to notify the amount, and what it’s for ( CHINGCHUAN SOULIK RELIEF FUND) you will be wiring. Link here to find info on how to transfer funds.
Volunteer – manpower to assist with cleaning, date TBC but around July 26-30. Space is limited. Email for more details.志工 人力協助清理工作,時間還不確定但大約在7月26-30中間。名額有限,歡迎來信詢問細節Tasks: Cleaning, moving items, anything that needs to be done. Dress appropriately.工作: 清理,搬運,任何其他雜事。著適當可以工作的穿著 Handful of Sapphires
Handfulofsapphires (at)
Volunteer – medical professional? We are looking to assess the needs of the elderly in this remote region where transportation, even without the chaotic weather, is difficult.
志工 -醫學專業?我們正在評估偏遠地區受困老人的需要,目前這些區域即使不在壞天候時仍然非常困難到達
Bright Side Projects (at)

Below are a few links, mainly in Mandarin but there are images and videos to click on.

PNN , Apple Daily , Youtube 1


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