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2013 7/27 Volunteers for Mad Scientist Lab II – Bright Side Projects (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

Another great course taught by a volunteer, space is filling up fast! A great way to spend a day in the mountains, fresh air, with other volunteers and the most adorable Atayal kids!

我們要帶小朋友一起用廢紙做的做火山,然後跟著老師調出使火山爆發的原料,探索火山的秘密!過程中小朋友可以自行發揮想像力說故事,故事將被記錄下 來做成小短片。Potential in the world is limitless and kids can grow up to do great things! This course will give kids a better understanding the earth we live on and how science, chemistry, and volcanoes are a part it.  During this fun class we will hand-build and color volcanoes, PLUS concoct formulas for the volcanic explosion! Kids will be able to create and shoot a mini-story which will be edited into a short film.

Language Proficiency: 1

Date/Time July 27th (Saturday) 11:00 am – 4:30 pm (but we will leave Taipei at 08:30 or so and get back to the city around 7:00pm)

Location: Taoshan Youth Cultural Center in ChingChuan, Hsinchu

老師 Lead Teacher: Clint Siu

Purpose: to trigger an interest in science through artistic creations of mini volcanoes while understanding the fundamental principles of chemistry at work.

Kids will Learn:
Science, chemistry, teamwork, creativity, science, story-telling, photography, short film

Image full credit of site
Image full credit of site

Maximum Capacity: Space is limited to 8 volunteers on a first come first serve basis.

HOW TO REGISTER? Please check out the link from Bright Side here!

All images full credit site


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