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*FULL* 2013 4/27 Volunteers different skills needed for workshop with kids! – Bright Side Projects (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

Bright Side will be starting the first of the “Advocacy Through Art” series!

This series welcomes us to gain knowledge about a new world and empowers by kids channeling their artistic talents to make a positive impact on the world.

Through various forms of hands-on arts and crafts, this April four amazing teachers will guide us through the wonderful world of our canine friends.  Kids will break into groups and draw designs for silk screens, having the chance to create the silk screen and create their very own t-shirts and stone art. Kids will be shown how hand-drawings can converted to computer designs and then further utilized ( totes, web, postcards, etc).

Kids will also “adopt” a dog and with the design of their t-shirt with limited quantities available for charity sale. They will see how art and their hard work can help bring positive impact to the lives of others.  We have selected Animals Taiwan as one of the top organizations for this time. This is due their tireless efforts for the strays of Taiwan as well as my recent urgent cry-for-help to get these three puppies, victims of forced eviction, adopted. If you want to get involved, head over to Bright Side now!

Language Proficiency: One

4/27 (Saturday) 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Location: Taoshan Youth Cultural Center in ChingChuan, Hsinchu
Lead Teachers: Carol Lin, Michelle Lin, Fish Hsieh, Phoenix Lin

Purpose:  Sparking creativity through a series of art and craft projects leading to creations of the children’s own designed silkscreen t-shirts, kids will learn about animals and pets.

Material Fees:
$450 NT flat fee for volunteers. Includes covers course materials for kids, silk screen print kit (avg $400-$600NT per set), t-shirt, and lunch for both you and the children.
**Volunteers should also bring a white/light colored t-shirt or tanktop so they can get their apparel silk screened!

Volunteers: We need photographers and space is limited, register now! You must fill out the details. RSVP before 4/20.

Return volunteers:
New volunteers:

Volunteer tasks: Assist the four teachers in training materials regarding dogs, work with kids in the groups to guide them towards creating a design. Create silk-screen T-shirts with the children and other art crafts. We also need kitchen angels, photographers, videographers, editors.


Please check this wonderful and informative link on various directions to/from ChingChuan. Meet up is at 10:30 am and the last bus down is 4:55 pm. For those on HSR, there will be a meetup at Hsinchu HSR for car ride up to ChingChuan but space is limited. First come first serve.

Facebook event:
Bright Side Writeup:


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