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2013 7/1-31 or 8/1-31 Volunteer Research Assistants for Green Sea Turtle Conservation (Penghu)

What a great opportunity! Interested in hanging out in Penghu for a month this summer and helping out with the environment? Reposting this, all details below. Applications due by April 30th, 2013. Language proficiency is one!


Contact: Peter Kowalski

July 1st – July 31st, 2013
August 1st – August 31, 2013


Wang-An Sea Turtle Conservation Center
Wang-An Island, Penghu County



Background Information

The Wang-An Green Turtle Research Program has been an ongoing long-term research project since 1992, carried out by the Marine Turtle Research Lab of National Taiwan Ocean University. The overall goal of our program is to conserve and better understand the biology of green sea turtles nesting in Wang-An Island, Penghu County, Taiwan. Graduate students and volunteers conduct nightly surveys on nesting beaches, and a wide variety of research is conducted on nesting turtles as well as their offspring.

This is the first year that international volunteers (non-Taiwanese citizens) are being invited to participate as research assistants in our conservation program. The goal is to open Taiwan¡¦s sea turtle conservation efforts to the world, while providing a basis for cultural exchange, conservation experience and scientific training.

Volunteer research assistants don¡¦t need to possess a background in biology or have the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese. However, interest and passion for wildlife conservation and willingness to work hard are a must.


Daytime work:
– Monitoring and excavating of sea turtle nests to determine nest success.
– Weighing and measuring hatchling turtles upon emergence.
– Removing debris (refuse & stray fishing nets) from protected nesting areas.
– Giving presentations on sea turtle conservation to English-speaking tourists.
– Assisting in cleaning the research station.

Nightttime work:
– Patrolling beaches for nesting green sea turtles (working in shifts from 8pm-4am).
– Measuring nesting turtles, installing identification tags, recording existing identification tags, sampling blood and/or tissue, assessing for injuries/illnesses, weighing and measuring eggs, marking nest location.


– College graduate or higher (in any field of study).
– Fluent in English (Mandarin Chinese is helpful but not necessary).
– Capable of walking for long distances on beaches at night and in inclement weather.
– Capable of carrying a loaded backpack for long distances.
– Motorcycle (not scooter) experience preferred, but not necessary.
– No fear of riding on the back of a motorcycle.
– Resume with two educational or employment references.
– Must be available for either a personal interview in Keelung, Taiwan (for Taiwan foreign residents) or a Skype video interview (if you’re not living in Taiwan).


To be covered by the participant.
[Transportation from Taipei to Wang-An Island = approx. 2500 Taiwan Dollars (~85 USD).]

Accommodation & Food:

Accident Insurance:

Health Insurance:
To be covered by the participant.

Additional Contact Information

Please send your resume to by April 30th, 2013 or contact us if you have any questions.



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