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2013 2/23-24 Volunteers & Musician Needed! Artistic Expression Through Motion Part II – Bright Side Projects 嚮光 (ChingChuan, Hsinchu)

There will a few treats after the Lunar New Years. First of all, we will be continuing the course with the second part of the Artistic Expression through Body Motion workshop in ChingChuan. This time we have invited and we are so honored to have a new teacher Sunteck Yao on board along with our lovely Teacher Ichi Lin! Secondly, to enhance our neighborhood’s kitchen pantry, I have invited long-time friend and food justice activist Finn Cunningham (San Francisco) to consult our healthy lunch menu for the course.

Sunteck is a corporeal mime artist that spearheads L’Enfant Sauvage Physical Theatre. The theatre’s activities have captured hearts and creative minds of cities throughout Asia engaging in a stunning breadth of issues. Together with Teacher Ichi, we will follow onto the next level of observation, immersion, interaction, and expression with our bodies. This time we’re going to be inviting the adults of ChingChuan in for the ride as well!

Finn in her words, is  “an artist, urban farmer, writer and educator. I have taught workshops on composting, fermenting, foraging, gardening and herbal remedies.” Look for the Bright Side update on her menu and interview shortly!!

SEEKING: Other than a few spots I’m saving for new volunteers, I need a musician (drum or guitar, mobile musician) who will walk around with the two teachers and add flourish to the performances!




Language Proficiency: Level ONE!

Date/Time: 2/23-24/2013 (Sat & Sun). Starts at 11:00 am on Saturday, ends at 2:30 pm on Sunday.
Taoshan Youth Cultural Center in ChingChuan, Hsinchu

Purpose: We push through the usual conventional means of observation, interpretation, and expression by honing our senses to communicate in different ways with the body.

Children Will Learn: Observation of inanimate and animate objects; interaction with others; morphing self-awareness of their own body and movements.

老師 Lead Teachers: Ichi Lin 林奕其 & Sunteck Yao 姚尚德
營養顧問 Kitchen Pantry Consultant: Finn Cunningham
攝影師 Lead Photographers: 鄭又綺, 蘇嘉琦

Task: Rotation of kitchen duties, tasks, cleanup. We attempt to have a 1 teacher volunteer to 1-2 child ratio, walk with them to assist with any questions, guiding them.

Material Fees: $400 NT flat fee for volunteers. Includes covers course materials and lunch for both you and the children. Transportation DIY. Also includes boarding at the lovely Palm Tree B&B for those staying overnight (please bring your own sleeping bag and amenities). If you prefer your own private accommodations elsewhere the average cost is $400-$1000 per person.

For more details please check on the Bright Side official website! You can also contact me to register but only 5 spots left.

Facebook event here


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