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2013 1/7-12 Paint Paint Paint Werk – Taipei Contemporary Art Center (Taipei Area)

Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) has moved spots and is renovating the place up – need a few helping hands!

Task: Painting and renovating, please don’t wear high heels or clothes you will whine about getting dirty.

Date/Time: Any of these dates at any of the times from Jan 7th-12th, between 13:00-22:00.
Location: #19 An Dong Road near ChungHsiao Fuhsing MRT Station / 台北市安東街19-1號

Google Map :

Language Proficiency: One.

If you are interested please email me or leave a note here on their Facebook Page


About TCAC
Their official website is here

Founded in February 2010, Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) is an independent art space established by Taiwanese artists, curators, scholars and cultural workers. Served as a platform for exhibitions, TCAC offers itself for discussions, interactions and exchanges not just for artistic expressions, but also on socio-political issues, cultural policies and aesthetic viewpoints.

TCAC encourages all kinds of creative art works as well as responds to public cultural policies. Up till now, it has hosted a total of 133 exhibitions, speeches, forums and performances in its three-year operation, in which two-third of these events are international by nature. By its own, TCAC has also arranged 100 gatherings for conversations between local and international art worlds.

Run as an association, TCAC currently has 67 members, three board members and an operating team led by one manager responsible for all operations. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for interns and volunteers to participate themselves in the working of an arts establishment.

TCAC Database: This Database builds and updates profiles of Taiwanese artists, curators, critics and theorists. In doing so, TCAC serves as a venue to present them to the world. It also provides assistances such as communications and translations for internationals who are interested in contemporary Taiwanese art.

TCAC has organized 16 events in the last two years. Major exhibitions include: 2010 Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art, Flu-Fatigue Video Screening (2011), Zoe Sun’s Taipei Flat Arts Museum Exhibition of Installation, Video, Photo and Document (2011), Mirage: Disused Public Property in Taiwan (2011), Local to Local: Pusan to Taipei (2011), Trading Futures (2012).

2011 Artists’ Village Project: TCAC invited artists and curators to Taipei’s Artists’ Village and worked with people who wish to become future curators. TCAC selected and provided funding for three candidates in assisting better fulfillment of their plans.

Artist Salon: TCAC invites critics and curators to invite young artists to present their works and ideas behind. The Salon is an open talk in which artists can receive instant feedbacks from experienced reviewers.

Friday Bar: TCAC invites creators of different disciplines/fields to host an evening of shows out of their own designs. Be it a night of music, video screenings, poetry readings or visual performances, TCAC is emerging to be one of Taiwan’s important showcasing stage for cross-disciplined arts.


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