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2013 January Wishlist – Kitchen & Feasting Supplies 愛心物品籌募

It’s going to be an exciting 2013 in this aspect as I will be working on registering an association so that workshops and events which encourage community building and empowerment of socially disadvantaged youth and adults will begin to form and take shape. In each and every one of the workshops I have been so fortunate to coordinate with generous teachers, volunteers, and the community, allotment has been made for fresh nutritious food and fruit preparation.


As we change venues quite a bit depending on the day and availability, being able to bring out and pack everything from Taipei to wherever the workshop is has been key. However, we are still often rushing around or getting creative to obtain the last few items and would be grateful for any support. Cutlery Accessories desired! Dishes and plates would be perfect if they were kid-friendly as as much as I stay away from plastic, some sort of durable material would work out nicely.


Every month I also welcome donations of fresh food and fruits (Lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, apples, kiwi, grapes, melons, etc) for the kid and volunteer lunches during workshops. If you want to support this let me know, either through direct food donation or monetary support. Also looking in near future to bundle this with organic and local farmers. Thanks!

我們每個月都會固定舉辦課程,因此在此也徵求各種食材和新鮮蔬果(萵苣、香菇、蘿蔔、番茄、蘋果、奇異 果、葡萄、香瓜…等)已讓孩子及志工們有營養豐盛的午餐。我們也期待在未來能與當地農人合作,幫助地方有機產業的發展。除了食材和蔬果,我們也歡迎大家愛 心捐款,讓好的事情能走得更久更遠!



1 Electric Water Boiler 電熱水器 1
2 Blender 果汁機 1
3 Water Kettle 水壺 1
4 Forks 叉子 25
5 Knives (cutting & dicing) 刀具(切菜和水果用) 2
6 Cutting Board 砧板 2
7 Plates (individual platters) 小盤子(單人份) 20
8 Plates (serving size) 大盤子(多人份) 5
9 Bowls (individual size) 小碗(單人份) 20
10 Bowls (serving size) 大碗(多人份) 5
11 Cups 杯子 15
12 Scissors (regular) 剪刀(普通剪刀即可) 10
13 Regular or soup spoons 25
14 Large serving spoons/ladies 5
15 Serving utensils 5

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2 thoughts on “2013 January Wishlist – Kitchen & Feasting Supplies 愛心物品籌募

  1. 請問募齊了嗎? 我可以認捐
    Blender 果汁機1
    Water Kettle 水壺1
    Plates (serving size) 大盤子(多人份)5
    Cups 杯子 15
    Scissors (regular) 剪刀(普通剪刀即可)10

    Knives (cutting & dicing) 刀具(切菜1和水果用1)
    Cutting Board 砧板1


    Posted by 駱麗真 | January 23, 2013, 10:51 pm

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