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2012 12/30 ChingChuan Post Christmas Cheer Workshop (HsinChu Area)

Continuation of events fulfilling Santa Jia-Xin’s wishes for the children of Taiwan. I know everyone is busy partying and traveling, but won’t you make a one day trip to ChingChuan to spend time with kids? Since Christmas is not just about gifts but spending time together (other than the religious aspect), we need 2-3 more volunteers on the 30th to make vegan Christmas cupcakes with the kids, sip hot cocoa, create thank you Christmas cards and magnets!

聖誕節不是只是送禮物的日子! 需要2-3個熱心的志工~陪清泉的小朋友做全素聖誕杯子蛋糕,配上暖暖的熱可可, 寫卡片,做磁鐵! 這次課程不用付任何費用 (感謝JIA-XIN的父親贊助),車上還有坐位。 想參加的人還可以順便在清泉過夜,報名清泉的跨年活動喔!所有報名費都將回饋給部落社區,讓清泉更美好!活動網頁:

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Images courtesy of Jonathan Burke

Language Proficiency: One

Date/Time 日期/時間: Dec 30th (Sunday) 12月30日

10:30 Taipei Departures meet at XiaoBiTan Station 小碧潭集合
12:30 Arrivals / Class Preparation 到達清泉
13:30 Class begins / Name Tags / Introduction課程開始/介紹
13:30 – 14:00 Cupcake Preparations 杯子蛋糕
14:00 – 15:00 Christmas Card / Magnet Creations 寫卡片,做磁鐵
15:00 – 15:30 Cupcake Decoration 裝飾杯子蛋糕
15:30 – 16:00 Cupcake Eating and Hot Coco Time 吃杯子蛋糕! 喝熱可可!
16:00 Clean up 課程結束,清潔
16:30 Departures

Thanks to a kind donation and the wish of a little Taiwanese girl that was adopted to live in a loving home in Canada, gifts were to select households on December 23rd! I do not believe Christmas is only about giving gifts so also am hosting a small workshop on the 30th. This is a collaboration event between Jia-Xin and the monthly Handful of Sapphire workshops.

Room for 2-3 more volunteers. All fees from course material to transportation (in my car) are waived for this special workshop thanks to the donations, rest covered by HS donations. Also you are welcome to stay the night and over till the New Year, please join the village’s NYE event !

Facebook event here

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Past Gift Delivery:


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  1. dont know if i can, but want to say thank you for your Be- te -full=

    Posted by william walsh | December 27, 2012, 1:55 pm

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