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2012 12/23 & 12/30 Bakers & Artists Fulfilling Jia Xin’s Christmas Wishes (Hsinchu, ChingChuan Area)

Follow the action on days leading up to the delivery in this album here!
Flicker images here!

Thanks to a kind donation and the wish of a little Taiwanese girl that was adopted to live in a loving home in Canada, I will be delivering gifts to select households in ChingChuan on December 23rd and hosting a small workshop on the 30th. Seeking a few volunteers!

Adorable little Jia Xin!

Adorable little Jia Xin!

JiaXin is a generous warm-hearted little girl who was adopted from Taiwan and is now living in Canada. By a “chance” email a few weeks back JiaXin’s father contacted me and asked me to fulfill a wish for his little girl to be able to provide gifts and Christmas cheer to those in Taiwan who would gain the most from a little warmth during this season.

After asking around for several weeks and finding most places were already stuffed with gifts by corporate sponsors, I finally found the right person who told me to whom and how these items would make a difference not just for the holidays but all year round. To impact the child and benefit them you also want to provide warmth to the household. So not only I be purchasing some small individual gifts for the child (sprinkled with candy canes) but also items their home desperately needs.

We will be delivering the gifts to the targeted households and the children on the 23rd with some candy canes and Christmas flair.  Then on the 30th, we will head back up to have a small workshop making plenty of red/green glitter thank you Christmas cards with the kids and spending quality time with them. If time permits, we may bake some cupcakes with them and have a cup of coco. Those interested are welcome to spend the night (and if you hit NYE please join ChingChuan’s bash! Percentage of proceeds go back to the community. )

Language Proficiency: Level 1!
Tasks for Volunteers:

12/18-22: Purchasing gifts off the wishlist and packaging it full of Christmas cheer, gift wrappers!
12/23: I need a Santa and a few elves for the delivery (depart Taipei at 13:00, return by 19:00). Limit to 4 people, I will drive. (FULL)

12/30: Short workshop to make cookies or cupcakes with kids and create thank you Christmas cards, relate the story of Jia Xin (depart Taipei at 9:00, return by 16:30). Need people who can bake and do some art, love kids.

Additionally, you can also donate towards this workshop and the funds will go to these specific households sponsoring the child so they can have healthy food, warm clothes, and school supplies, and can easily attend workshops I host monthly in ChingChuan.
Facebook event here



Sarah McDonald
Lance Couture
Sumo Kindersley
Miles Bissky
Mike Sollanych
Eryn Holbrook
Mike Stanger and Stephanie Chu
Paul Ducky Tenk
Megan and Scott MacDonald
Tim Tam and Karen Truong
Anna Gladue
Laura Mc Auley
Jon Green
John Yang
Rachel, Andrew, Julie and Summer Dawson
Marla Rosenberg
Wendy Bissky
Oskar Pienkos
Guylaine Furness
Ron Santos
Svetlana Avramova
Corey Stratton

Terry Ronald Furness
Anna’s Incense

For a total of $1050 Canadian dollars 🙂

All funds will go to gifting, logistics of coordination, pickup, deliveries, mini workshop materials on the 30th, etc.


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