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2012 12/20 or 12/22 Art Project on Fraudulent Emails (Taipei Area)

I should have posted this up a bit sooner, but in dire needs of three actors to fill up the last remaining roles for an art project my friend is working on.

TASK: We’re reading through some Nigerian scam fraudulent emails, need a few participants!

PURPOSE: Bring to light discussion of the fraudulent emails.

No memorization required, you will red directly off the paper. Only lower half of face and upper body will be shown. You don’t need to be the specific age, just can pass. Focus on the accent is most important for us (reading English).

1) Male 30-55 with Irish accent
2) Female 30-55 from Kuwait or similar accent
3) Male 25-45 with African nation accent

Date/Time: Flexible right now, looking to shoot on either December 20th or 22nd TBC. Time is flexible.

Location: 5 minute walk from XingTian Temple MRT, will provide address on confirmation of participation.

If you fit the above or know someone who does, please PM me or send email to me with the your current profile photo on face and upper body! This is really fun as we had a few people stop by yesterday! Contact for more details!





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