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2012 12/8-9 Artistic Expression through Motion Workshop w/Atayal Kids (ChingChuan, Hsinchu Area)

[ UPDATE 1/5/2013 Pictures here! ] We will begin to wrap the exciting stop motion animation course on December 8th and this time have four teachers collaborating on a fun 2 day course for the kids. Volunteers also have an option of beginning a construction of a traditional Atayal hut, this is an activity we will all work on together for the next few months!

元培老師們 會帶領我們 小朋友們 每人尋找一個村裡的東西 (平常生活中 常常看到 常常遇見 常常經過 但如同走廊般 只是A點到B點的過景 或稱為 none-space, none-object),並且幫他們取一個名字 和他建立某種朋友關係 觀察它 記錄它 最後在教室裡畫下它(輪廓線條) 然後把你這位新朋友 介紹給打家認識. 亦其老師會帶領著大家 會統一帶暖身 然後分組

以小朋友的新朋友為出發點 用身體模仿重現動作 再做互補與結合以調整流暢度 以ㄧ組一組的方式做練習 好似新朋友與新朋友之間的對話 此練習 嘗試著把小朋友描素的村子裡的線條 運用身體的動態去展現圖畫以外的可能性. 康寧老師接著
將以ichi老是帶領出來的肢體動作為發想 讓小朋友進入 絲襪材質做的 tube或某一種形狀的包覆形式 讓小朋友們嘗試著在裡面伸展 向外或向內尋找不同的形狀組合~

Yunpei Hsiung, Ichi Lin, James Teng, and “electric eyes extraordinaire” Chin KangNing will take us through a series of sessions in the two day workshop that pushes through not only conventional means of appreciating and interpreting our environment, but the way we express this as well. We will guide kids and ourselves to honing our senses and expressing this through our bodies in art, dance, and movement in material. Sound interesting or odd and need to learn more? Come join to learn more!

PURPOSE: We push through the usual conventional means of interpretation and expression by honing our senses to communicate in different ways with the ; and doing so along with the children.

DATES/TIME: December 8-9th (Saturday & Sunday) / Arrivals at TaoShan Elementary School, Hsinchu at 10:00 am. If there is class it will end around 1:00 pm on Sunday so people can take the bus down at 1:30pm, times are TBC. But we will also begin to build the Atayal hut so recommended for people to hang out until 4:00pm!

LOCATION: Meet at Taoshan Elementary School, in ChingChuan Hsinchu.

TASKS: Assist the teachers with the kids activities and participate alongside with them. I need a volunteer to help cook some pasta sauce! We also rotate kitchen shifts on cooking and cleaning.

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Level 1 (we will have a few translators on hand just in case as well)

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12/8 Along with our four great teachers, taking the kids and looking at their nature and environment to express it via art, dance, and movement through fabrics. Observation of nature and environment, seeing the every day in a different way. Using different their own body as the mechanism for expression. LUNCH: Pasta, garlic cheese, bread, fruit saladDINNER: Potluck, bring your own ingredients!
12/9 Hanging out with the kids. Commence building of traditional Atayal hut with the community, planning design and art layout. Contribution and working together with the community on long term project. Croissants and church provided

MATERIAL FEES: $400 NT per adult. Include overnight accommodations (space is very limited and bring your own sleeping bags otherwise hostels are about $400NT a night), lunch, the majority of sums to contribute to the teacher logistical costs, course material and lunch ingredients for kids, aid the community in offsetting their costs to host us if possible. Self-transportation is separate. You will be credited on the final film piece for this particular project.

12月費用:400元 ──這筆錢將用來支付營養午餐、美術材料、即可拍相機和底片沖洗費用。志工除了可享用美味午餐,20日還有供晚餐以及當地住宿。志工須自行交通往返桃山部落(共乘資訊請見下方)。

Images from 10/20 Stop Motion Animation class here and short video from the game here!


想幫忙但卻無法親身參與的朋友,可以贊助我們!捐500元可贊助一個孩子的影片輸出費用,並將獲得孩子的 5×12 攝影作品;捐1000元可贊助一個孩子全程參與本計畫的費用,並且將會被列入影片工作人員名單中。



This is for those who can’t make the trip but wish to help! $500 NT will help sponsor a child for the project. Sponsors will obtain 5×12 photograph of the children / $1000 NT will help sponsor a child for the entire project provide credits on the film piece / $3000 NT or more will obtain all the items above plus two more images, in addition credit for their volunteer material fee when they join in a course in the next 6 months.

All remaining funds will go towards future workshops, such as the upcoming art course in December and throughout 2013.  Goes to cover transportation costs as well as material and healthy lunch options for the children.

We also need ingredients for the kids lunch – fresh carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ice-cream maker and ingredients, potatoes, etc. Please email and I can let you know what current ingredients needed.


I will coordinate once we have an idea of where people are coming from and how many. You would take the HSR to Hsinchu (XinZhu) and we will arrange for vehicle to pick up people – space is limited. First come first serve. Otherwise you can either split a cab with others to head up to the community or take a bus. The last bus ride down is at 16:30. I will also be driving up and can take some people in my car.

Have something fun you to teach or other ideas? Read up and contact us here!


Past Art Workshop here and Photography Workshop here ; my last two workshop with “Mad Scientist” here and Stop Motion Film course here.

Further details and timeline to be confirmed by next week!


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