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2012 12/23 X-Masish Raffle Donations, Musicians, Carolers – Atayal/English Library/Rangi Associaton (Wulai, Taipei Area)

A great event from Gary Smoke, it seems that everyone needs some holiday cheer from carolers this year. I went to the event in Wulai last year and had a really nice time – you are welcome to join and set up the Christmas tree and get everyone involved!

TIME/DATE: 1:00 – 5:30 pm on December 23rd (Sunday)

LOCATION: Wulai stage (next to the museum)

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Level 1 and Pal friendly!

WAYS TO HELP OUT: Volunteers as carolers or musicians or setting up, raffle, etc needed! If you can donate an item for the raffle that would be very much appreciated as well.

NEEDED: We are looking for donations for our raffle. If you or someone you know may have something to donate……. dinners, gift certificates, nights in hotels, bicycles (used in good condition OK) or just about anything we can give away let us know. We are also looking for small toys that are gift wrapped for Santa to give away. Please check your contacts list and let’s see what we can come up with.

CONTACT: The benevolent Gary Smoke! Or you can send an email to me as well!
WHERE DO THE PROCEEDS GO: The proceeds from the raffle and donations from photos with Santa will be donated to create continuing education classes for the Atayal children in the Wulai area. These will include, music, photography, arts, computers, English and sports. Pass the word around. We are also looking for volunteers that can help in any of these areas. Additionally, we are trying to form a group of carolers, if you would like to sing with our carolers or help with anything please let me know as soon as possible.

Facebook event here!

For more details:

The Rangi Association
The English Library

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