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2012 12/14-25 Holiday Volunteers Needed! – Animals Taiwan (Taipei Area)

Dig out your Santa outfit and Christmas song sheets – Animals Taiwan needs a few good people with a festive spirit to come out!

TIME/DATE: December 14th, 15th, 22nd and 23rd (weekends). Times TBC but day shifts.
LOCATION: In the HsinYi Commerical District area (near Taipei City Hall MRT Station)

PURPOSE: Animals Taiwan has generously been provided with a booth during these weekends of holiday cheer and wish to raise awareness on the situation of Taiwan’s stray animals and raise funds and donations. We need some festive carolers and a good jolly Santa Claus to volunteer and draw attention to our booth and this wonderful ongoing cause.

TASK: Need a Santa or two depending on time slot and people who want to belt out some Christmas melodies!

Here is the latest of needed volunteers:

Friday 14th December
Set up 10am to 12pm
Volunteers for sales
Shift 1 – 12pm to 5pm
Shift 2 – 5pm to 10pm
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th
Shift 1 – 12pm to 5pm
Shift 2 – 5pm to 10pm
Monday 17th to Friday 21st
Shift 1 — 3pm – 7pm
Shift 2 –  6pm – 10pm
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd
Shift 1 – 12pm to 5pm
Shift 2 – 5pm to 10pm
Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th
Shift 1 — 3pm – 7pm
Shift 2 – 6pm – 10pm
Carol singing – 15 th / 16th / 22nd / 23rd from 4pm to 6pm – 5 volunteers to dress up and sing carols ( foreigners if possilble)
Santa claus – 15 th / 16th / 22nd / 23rd from 1pm to 3pm – 1 volunteer needed to dress up as santa ( large male foreigner)
Dogs: 15 th / 16th / 22nd / 23rd from 12pm to 4pm – 3 dogs at a time
Dog transporters : 15 th / 16th / 22nd / 23rd pick up at centre 11:30am / pick up from event 4pm

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Level 1 and very Pal Friendly!

CONTACT: Email Liza from Animals Taiwan! Or if you can also contact me if you so desire 🙂

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Coco – terrier mix that needs a loving home!

Love AT’s because of their commitment to the strays in Taiwan; a relentless drive to care for the especially needy furry friends, generally those that have been utilized for excessive breeding, stricken by ailments and needing long term care, struck by cars or blinded by physical violence is inspiring – please head to their Facebook or Website for more details!

Many wonderful animals waiting for your support or adoption!


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