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2013 Ongoing Program: Musicans/Engineers/Artists/Creatives Volunteers (ChingChuan, Hsinchu Area)

Looking ahead to the new year, courses are needed for 2013! I am hoping have a workshop hosted regularly once month in Chingchuan, Hsinchu and to kickstart a small mentorship program.

I will be honest that I have a long term vision in mind for the entire ChingChuan community based in prosperity and cultural sustainability of the Atayal tribe, with one of my first and ongoing goals is to connect volunteers with the children who are the future generation of this beautiful place. I’m looking for teachers who want to be part of a positive effort to provide children with fun courses. Volunteers are always welcomed, please check back to my web for updates once I’ve booked down the classes.

Just in Taiwan for a few months and haven’t been able to get out of Taipei? This is the ideal opportunity to get out to Hsinchu and up in the mountains for some greenery. After the workshop there’s plenty of trails to walk around and spend the night in a hostel up in the mountains. If weather permits so that you don’t boil to pinkness, hot springs are abound too in this gorgeous setting!

WHAT WE NEED: I am looking for a rotation of passionate volunteer teachers that can come up for a Saturday early afternoon course related to more arts and crafts workshops for the kids. I prefer classes that can be taught in progression so children can build on their skills but I am also open to hearing fantastic ideas This can be a long term (once a month or over a weekend) or a one-time volunteer opportunity although I’m sure after the first time you head out there, you’ll be joining us again.

Blurry blurry pic of what the community would like us to also work together with them on!

I generally prefer we do a Saturday full day course, spend the night to better understand the community, then depart Sunday around 2:00pm. However, open to suggestions and various time frames. We also provide fresh vegetarian lunches to the kids and volunteers on the day of who attend the workshop. The last time we had a morning workshop so made fruit pancakes and blueberry smoothies! Additionally, volunteers going up each time will also get a chance to build a traditional hut with the community. This course was designed by our contact LaLing – bring rubber boot gear!


* Guitar 吉他 * Drumming 擊鼓 *Painting 藝術,畫畫 * Photography 攝影 * Cooking/baking 烹飪/烘烤 * Video/film making 視頻/電影製作 * Website design 網站設計 * Computer skills, as appropriate 計算機技能

Recently I’ve been able to put together a three session Stop Motion Animation course, Mad Scientist Lab (spaghetti bridges), and upcoming an unique course on expression of contour lines and environment through body motion.

TASK: Share your knowledge, whether it be arts, baking, cooking, magic, or offering basic music workshops! There are dozens of kids in all ages and we can sort out additional volunteers to assist you and make this a fantastic project for all. We’ve had people volunteer before and they’ve walked away with an amazing experience to have been able to show the youth and other volunteers their skills! The way forward into the future is developing a community and relationships with those around us.

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Photos courtesy of Jon Burke / James Teng

Language Proficiency: 1 / Pal Friendly

LOCATION: ChingChuan Township, Wofong, Hsinchu County. The rough location and one of the spots where we’ve had classes is at the TaoShan Elementary School.

For folks living outside of Hsinchu, we take the HSR to Hsinchu Station and then split a cab up, or otherwise we take the bus up. Last bus down is 4:30pm. We can sort out the logistics and carpool.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION? I need your details! Please provide the below when emailing me:

1) Name / Contact Details 姓名/聯絡方式
2) Where do you live? 目前的居住地
3) What is your primary language? What degree of Chinese fluency? 母語為何?中英文程度為何?
4) What type of class will you teach? 您想開設何種課程?
5) Materials/Equipment/Facilities do you need? 需要的材料/工具/設備?
6) Estimate duration of class? 預估每堂課時數為何?
7) Is there age-appropriate level for the course? 課程是否適合特定年齡對象?
8) Classes will be on weekends, most likely Saturdays. When will you be available (Jan, Feb, etc)? 課程多在週末舉行,基本上是禮拜六上課。請問您什麼時候可以開始上課?

9) What do you hope the children will learn from this course? 希望上完你的課程小朋友會得到或學到甚麼呢?


Past Art Workshop here and Photography Workshop here as part of the successful Wufong Project in 2011; my last two workshop with “Mad Scientist” here and Stop Motion Film course here. Currently running on volunteer donations but will be taking this to the next level by mid 2013.


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