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2012 11/23; 11/30 Clothes Sorting for the Homeless (Wanhua Taipei Area)

I have volunteering here since June and they generally do not permit short term volunteers so this a good way to get to know and help out at the church near Longshan Temple!

I really need a few helping hands (I ideally need just 1-2 other people) on Fridays of 11/23 and 11/30 for about a hour just to sort through some clothes and be on hand when the transients in the area come in for their service and clothing/item selection. One of the other regular volunteers will not be able to go in on those dates so we would love to have some help. These two weeks there won’t be anything complicated so language proficiency is not a problem. Everyone is really nice so would be great if you’d like to come along.

Language Proficiency: Level One

Date & Time 11/23 and/or 11/30 (Fridays); meet at LongShan Temple Station Exit 1 at 5:50 pm. You must let me know beforehand since I only need 1-2 people. We should be done before 7:00 pm. Contact me!

Task: Sorting through and hanging up clothing; if you have a higher command of Mandarin or Taiwanese you can also chat with the audience and if keen, participate in service here. If you have men’s winter clothing you happen to want to donate, some sneakers or flip flops, bring them along!

About the Church: This is a church with basic services provided such as dinners (cooked by all those involved to empower themselves). It services people in the WanHua community.

FYI: Contacted the church by this great group 當代漂泊 (United Poor) fighting for the socially marginalized homeless in Taiwan.



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