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2012 12/1-3 Event: DIR/Floortime Workshop for Kids w/Special Needs (Taipei Area)

This came across my way and although I receive heaps of information daily, I felt this one was very unique and worthwhile and could really directly be something that you or someone you know may be interested in attending. My friend is working on this project and from reading through the description, there can be nothing said short of spectacular in how it strives to help kids with special needs and really formulates not just an all-for-one quick fix solution, but personalizes and tailors time with children to build a relationship and help them grow.

SIGN UP HERE ; Workshop Fee is 6,000NT

World-renowned occupational therapist, Rosemary White, will be in Taipei from December 1-3, 2012, to give a workshop on DIR/Floortime. If you are a parent of a child with special needs or a therapist, doctor, teacher, psychologist, social worker, or anyone with an interest in working with kids with special needs, I highly recommend you attend this workshop!

The DIRFloortime Model provides a framework to understand the functional emotional development and unique profile of every child, and a guide to create emotionally meaningful learning interactions that promote critical functional emotional developmental capacities. The objectives of the DIR®/Floortime™ Model are to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on skills and isolated behaviors.


Both professionals and parents.  Professionals include: pediatricians, nurses, occupational and physiotherapists, speech and language pathologists, mental health professionals, early childhood and school age educators, behavior specialists, program administrators and related health care professionals.

They are also looking for families with kids with special needs who would like a 1 1/2 hr or 2 hr private consultation/assessment with Rosemary White. The consultations will take place on November 29th and 30th. You can head to this link for more details and to register! If you have questions please shoot Mrs. McCullough an email!

More on Rosemary White:
More on DIR/Floortime:

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