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2012 9/20 Event: Vicious Vegan Video Potluck – It’s A Vegan Affair (Taipei Area)

I’ve been on and off on really starting up a community in that takes activism back to our everyday living and promise to aim more for that in September. Beyond general habits of consumerist intake, this is also consumption of plastic usage (oh my goodness lots of to-go drinks in Taiwan) and foods.

“It’s a Vegan Affair” is a small something that if can keep it rolling and my dedication on track, move onto something much larger and more ‘zero impact.’ For now we host monthly gatherings where each of us, carnivore, scavenger, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegans, get together at potlucks with homecooked dishes. At some gatherings we will also permit store bought since I also feel it’s essential to share with others where we can eat vegan-healthy if we’re outside on the go.

This is open to all language proficiency levels and is totally volunteer/visa safe since it’s just a fun event.

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Our next fun potluck will be combined with a classically acclaimed horror movie “The Exorcist.” (will feature Mandarin subtitles) and it’s a great place to come meet people and enjoy food, conversation, and a flick! Bring your cooked vegan yummies, join us for a cocktail hour, delicious vegan snacks and light dinner, and a movie!

1) Check out our FB group: and JOIN the event here
2) You must RSVP and post or PM us with the dish you will bring and the recipe the week prior on or before Sep 6th (Thursday). Our purpose for the group is to be a community, sharing recipes and food.
3) Everyone’s dish MUST be vegan and home-made. This venue has been generous for us to bring our own cooked food; there is a NO OUTSIDE food policy otherwise enacted.
4) Food portions must be able to feed 6-8 people or more so there is enough to share.
5) Salads capped at 6 entrees / Pasta salads capped at 4 entrees / Sliced Fruit Platters 2 – whoever calls it first!
6) We will provide some suggestions of some simple recipes you can make for this fun event! Your recipe could go hand in hand with one of Insomnia Cafe’s drinks
7) One drink minimum order required at the generous Insomnia Cafe bar!

We welcome all types of eaters from scavengers, carnivores, vegetarians and all in between. You do not have to be a vegan to join; you just need to be open minded and willing to give a hand at cooking a vegan dish to bring for our affair.

VIDEO: THE EXORCIST (132 minutes)

LOCATION: Insomnia Cafe
No. 8, Lane 60, Tàishùn Street.

The Shida area (Taipower Station MRT exit 3 台電大樓三號出口 )

18:00-18:30 Gathering
18:30-20:00 Cocktail Hour & Dinner
20:00-22:15 THE EXORCIST
22:15-22:30 Wrap up/Clean up

The venue can seat about 50 people approximately. Contact me handfulofsapphires (at) if you have any further questions!


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