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2012 September Wishlist – Medical Aid Equipment for Hospital (Nepal)

This is not specific to Taiwan, sorry going off the loop but I would love to get info on anyone with leads for the medical community here that could make a few donations of equipment to Nepal a possibility. I’m all about working in the local but since Mr. Lamsal has contacted me about these much needed items. Email if you have the goods or any leads; or questions!

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The hospital is located at the Khanigaun VDC of Parbat District . It is 23 KM far from the District headquarter Kushma. The village is still not linked properly form the road transportation. The agricultural stony road remains blocked almost a half of year.

Beneficiaries : Southern Parbat and some places of Baglung District.

Total Population of Beneficiary Area: Around 150 thousands.

History: The Hospital is established in 25th March 2005 from the initiation of local social workers and the seed money for the essential establishment was provided by Helping Hands health organization Kathmandu.

A majority in our community cannot afford medical care at the prevalent market rate — and those who can, have no such services available to them. They will have to travel to either Pokhara or Kathmandu to get even basic medical care. Our clinic provides quality medical care at an affordable price. We receive 25-30 patients per day, among which 70 percent are women and children. The most common cases we treat include bone fractures, gynecology related, diarrhea, worms, typhoid, asthma and pediatric. Some of these cases are serious enough that require an overnight observation. To accommodate this, we are equipped with three hospital beds. We have an immediate need to expand the number of beds, but we are limited by our resources.


1. Digital X ray
2. Otoscope
3. Cast Out machine
4. Centrifuse machine
5. Labour Table/Bed
6. Baby Warmer
7. Vitals Indicator monitor for Emergency Room
8. O2 Cylinder with flow metre
9. Computer with Bill printer for Pharmacy
10. Stethoscope
11. Sphygmomanometre
12. Patient Bed with Matress
13. Bed side locker
14. Bedside stool
15. Emergency Trolly
16. Medicine Trolly
17. Microscope
18. Stetcher
19. Freez
20. Some Medical Books
21. Bed side screen
22. Usg machine

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