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2012 8/4 Mad Scientist Experiment Lab & Pasta Day w/Jack Sieber for Atayal Children – Rangi Association (TaoShan, Hsinchu Area)

UPDATED 8/5 PICS ! We’re kicking off the workshops up in TaoShan the first weekend of August with something really fun that I completely missed in my childhood (or wasn’t invented in the Ice Ages) – building spaghetti bridges and egg parachutes, a fun way to introduce kids to the funs of science and engineering! To top that off we will also have a pasta lunch with the kids so come on out!

OBJECTIVE: To spark engineering interest through designing and testing spaghetti bridges and egg drops while understanding the fundamental principles at work in each experiment.

PROJECT: I’m already excited about the project so I hope it will be fun for the kids as well, engaging and showing them problem solving and a microcosm of built structures (there is a bridge right across from the community center).

We’ll kick it off with a bit of drawing and then start our workshop of spaghetti bridge building, followed by testing and then creating parachutes for egg drops.

TASK: We need volunteers to be teachers aides! We will have a quick training session a few days prior for those in Taipei and briefing for all others day of on how to guide and assist the kids with the project. We also need a few people to man the kitchen if you have some great pasta ideas or can whip up a huge salad. I’m currently looking at an amazing vegan recipe from last week’s meal!

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? All people can participate in the workshop and if you have special talents you want to share with the kids, it would be great we can meet there and see how to integrate you into future workshops! This is an activity for everyone and a great way to meet like-minded people and also get out of Taipei city and have hands-on involvement learning and helping the indigenous youth in Taiwan.

If you have a camera bring one to document this great experience! Plenty to explore up in the mountains and if there are enough people there’s also an overnight camping excursion – let me know.


Contact me first and then sign up here

borrowed image of spaghetti bridge building, borrowed from

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Level One you can come and hang out although to interact with kids as this is a more difficult project may require a Three. There’s always tons of things to do and we welcome everyone there! You can take photos or help with arranging materials or lunch even.

DO BRING: To go towards the fees for course materials for kids and quick pasta lunch, the fee is $150NT for volunteers.There are some other food and drink options around as well if this doesn’t fill you up!

WE ALSO NEED TO BORROW GLUE GUNS and GLUE FOR GLUE GUNS! If you have some materials you think we may need, let us know!


8:00 am Meet at Taipei HSR. Booking tickets in advance since it’s summer is recommended!

8:30 am Catch the HSR to Hsinchu station
9:00 am Meet all of us at the Hsinchu HSR. We will arrange rides and get settled.
9:30 am leave for TaoShan
11:00 at Meet at the Church and discuss the days workshop with all volunteers and get ready (please bring a small something to eat at this time). Introduce the kids, explain workshop, etc.
11:30 – 13:00 “Draw a Scientist” “Spaghetti Bridge Workshop” for Group A; Group B preparing lunch.  13:00 – 13:30 Lunch break, get to know the kids

13:30 – 14:30 Conclude Spaghetti Bridge / Conduct Egg

TRANSPORTATION: I will coordinate once we have an idea of where people are coming from and how many. You would take the HSR to Hsinchu (XinZhu) and you can either split a cab with others to head up to the community or take a bus. The last bus ride down is at 16:30.

Have something fun you to teach or other ideas? Read up and contact us here!


Facebook Event here

Past Art Workshop here and Photography Workshop spearheaded by Malinda Schultz under the Wufong Project here ; auctions of the projects by the kids aided in the building of the Youth Community Center that will be unveiled early 2013.

Rangi Association FB 人跡協會 Facebook 點此 here
Rangi Association Mission Statement: To establish, foster and enhance relationships between the ex-pat community and the indigenous of Taiwan through positive and character building good deeds.


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