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2012 7/15 Event: NGO/NPO Computer Security Course for Activists

With the recent wave of attacks on Gmail accounts for NGOs in Taiwan, we will host a free class open to all on steps to take to ensure protection for your information, both for your cause and personal data that can and may be used against you.  針對近來台灣非政府組織所遭遇的一連串Gmail駭客攻擊,我們將舉辦免費的課程來協助大眾了解保護個人資料與事業情報的重要性和可採取的步驟。Jack也將會指導TOR匿名網路系統的安裝, 所以如果你有筆記型電腦, 歡迎帶來實地演練!

In addition to Sean Su’s presentation, Jack Sieber will also present TOR ; please bring your laptop and so he can guide on how to install the system immediately!

·what a secure connection means
·how Tor is different than a VPN
·Tor’s strengths and weaknesses
·how to install tor
·how to use Tor on iOS

Human rights activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses from danger zones. Internationally, labor rights workers use Tor and other forms of online and offline anonymity to organize workers in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (世界人權宣言). Even though they are within the law, it does not mean they are safe. Tor provides the ability to avoid persecution while still raising a voice.

Questions to be answered:
1) Why should NGOs be concerned about computer security?
2) Which organizations are involved in both security and hacking?
3) How can my work or personal information be used against me?
4) What is the global epidemic/trend?
5) How do I protect my computer? What programs or systems do I need to install?
6) Is this 100% insurance against being hacked/compromised?

No Course Fee, just buy a drink at this great cafe. We will be seated outside on the patio area unless it’s way too hot.

· 什麼是安全連線
· TOR與VPN的不同
· TOR的優缺比較
· 如何安裝TOR
· 如何在蘋果作業系統使用TOR

人權運動家使用TOR在危險地帶匿名報導虐待事件; 在國際上, 遵照世界人權宣言, 勞工權益促進者使用TOR以及其他形式的連線/離線匿名來整合勞工, 儘管這些都是於法有據的舉止, 卻不表示他們都是安全的! 當發出正義之聲時, TOR提供了一個避免迫害的方法!

1) 為何非政府組織需要在意數位資訊的保全?
2) 哪些組織涉及了數位資訊的保全與駭客行為?
3) 駭客如何利用我的個人以及工作情資來侵害我?
4) 現今的全球趨勢為何?
5) 我如何保護我的電腦? 我應該安裝哪些程式或系統?
6) 難道這些就能100%確保我不受駭客威脅嗎?

課程內容完全免費! 你只需要在這間咖啡館消費一杯飲料,而我們將安排在戶外庭園講習。

Computer Security 電腦保安課程 (中文/英文)
Lead: Infamous Sean Su / Jack Sieber
Location 地點: 睡不著 咖啡聽 (師大) Insomnia Cafe ( Insomnia Cafe, No. 8, Lane 60, Tàishùn Street. The Shida area, Taipower Station MRT exit 3 )

Rundown 時間表:
19:00 – 19:30 Arrivals at Insomnia Cafe
19:30 – 20:00 Presentation by Sean Su
20:00 – 20:15 TOR Presentation & Installation by Jack Sieber
20:15 – 20:30 Q&A

The Facebook event is here


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