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2012 Ongoing Opportunity: Permaculture Organic Farming – Yamana Garden (Taipei, Yangmingshan Area)

Green living and sustainability; it has taken a long for me to update onto this site with the appropriate opportunities. For all that I am doing, it is one of my ultimate goals and wishes for us to re-create this relationship with the earth and our food – it is through that channel, as it focuses on an interdependency with others in the community and honing our sixth sense with Nature, that which also empowers us.

I had the luck of being able to head up to Yamana Garden in Yangmingshan which is just a stone’s throw away from the Beitou MRT Station. They are ready for volunteers throughout the weekdays who are ready to get to work and have an open mind on learning; and also even help out on weekends when they host DIY courses such as making soy-sauce. I would recommend first going on a weekday and understanding what’s going on before becoming a volunteer that helps others with what’s going on!

Task: Assist in the everyday tasks from feeding animals, manual labor (clearing paths, weeds, wood) and to LEARN about permaculture and the reasons and purposes behind it, compost piles, vegetables that have a symbiotic relationship and their mutual benefits to be planted together (we saw corn, beans, and pumpkin being grown together), benefits of stove baked bread, grey water system, Mother Nature, more ! EXPERIENCE. This is for week days and as mentioned they also host DIY courses on weekends (some charge nominal fee if you want to be a student for those).

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Language Proficiency: Level ONE and definitely pal friendly! Yama speaks English and said they regularly host foreign visitors.

Options: You can either go there for a few hours in a day or they also have accommodations for volunteers; this you can discuss after your first experience there after you see if it suits you.

Location: Get to Beitou MRT Station and out to the bus stop. Bus Number 230 comes by in half hour increments (10:00 ; 10:30 ; 11:00, etc) and will swing you up near the farm. Ride up to  第二展望 ; walk down the hilly slope for about 10 minutes (past a small cluster of homes and another bus stop for another bus) and you will come to the farm on your left handed side.

Contact: Email Yamana Garden or ring Mr. Yama 亞曼 at 0922 160-239

Word of advice: Sunscreen and watch out for mosquitoes. I’ve taken to wearing light long sleeves here even in summers.


Here is an account by a Singaporean WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) who headed to Yamana Garden in 2010!

MORE details and upcoming classes HERE on their site (in HanYu, get on that Google Translate)

Images of my trip updated on their site as well!

MORE details and upcoming classes HERE on their site.


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