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2012 6/15 Volunteer at Homeless Center – (Wanhua Taipei Area)

Finally got to go back to this small location located in WanHua District that services the homeless in the Wanhua community with an offering of amenities. I happened to walk in on several church ladies shifting through clothing that would be hung up on racks so around 6:00 pm, people are free to come into shift through items and these items are rationed out.

I’m honestly excited to go back and see what more can be done to help out.

Tasks: Sorting, folding, hanging up clothes, chatting with the people. We also need people with skills such as being able to give haircuts, tailoring length of pants, etc. I’d also love to be able to build them a small storage area of all the donated items that are currently stored in dilapidated boxes.

If you can’t make it I also look for items for men in general in Taiwan. Men’s clothing (dark, size M, L, XL or larger, razor blades, sandals/flip flops, sneakers (M & F) are often highly desired no matter where I go. I cannot stress enough to please WASH before donating.

Language Proficiency:  I would say a level 3 minimum.

Date & Time: I will be going this coming Friday the 15th and get there around 5:00 pm, hang out until 6:30 pm or so. If you would like to go with me please meet  contact me first so I know to expect you. I would prefer to take only 1-2 individuals at a time, initially since I am also a stranger and would rather not overwhelm the center.

It’s open on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Will also try to start going on Tuesdays as they lack people.


IMAGES TAKEN DOWN TO ASSURE CONFIDENTIALITY – if you want to have images, volunteer and make your own memories! 🙂

About the Church: From my elementary understanding, this is a church with basic services provided such as dinners (cooked by all those involved to empower themselves). It services people in the WanHua community.

FYI: Contacted the church by this great group 當代漂泊 (United Poor) fighting for the socially marginalized homeless in Taiwan.


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