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2012 6/30 & 7/8 Day Trip Clean up / Dog Washing / Volunteers at the Animal Sanctuary – Ex Animo (San Zhi, Taipei Area)

Had the chance to head out to another great organization that is aid in the welfare of animals in Taiwan – Ex Animo’s Animal Sanctuary out near Baishawan! I had an angel (Lorena) take me the first time and I’d love to familiarize more people with this spot so we can get volunteers rotating out there on a regular basis. Currently have two more people (if I drive then I can fit two more in my car).

Time & Date: Two dates set for now, one is Saturday, June 30th (FULL) , meet at 10:30 am and back to city around 5:00 pm.

Moved up to Sunday, July 8th (1 SPOT IN CAR IS AVAILABLE) time should be around the same.

Location: Confirmed to drive on June 30th and split the gas costs, meet at Zhishan MRT Station. Currently we are full up for volunteers I am driving over so for other interested parties, you can head to Tamsui MRT Station and take a cab over or see you on the 15th!

July 8th If you want to come on the carpool the “cost” is 100NT and one of the preferred highlighted ORANGE items. Those are the ones we are currently desperately lacking that the doggies really need. Otherwise, I am also open to taking in VEGAN food – cartons of non-expired soy milk, bulk bagels to feed the human caretaker there.

Language Proficiency: One. English! This is also extremely pal friendly and open for the community, no visa issues to pet a dog.

Task: Cleaning doggy cages, laundry, scrubbing, washing dogs, petting dogs, smiling at animals, etc. Be sure to have a set of clothes ready to get a bit dirty. If you have rubber boots it would be great – maybe an extra pair of pants to change into afterwards since we will be washing dogs. If you are an expert with the camera or anything else, writing, etc, being able to take some pro shots of the darlings and the Sanctuary would be much appreciated.

Contact me now! Let’s go!

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Other ways to help:
I have created a short wishlist, please contact me if you can buy a few of these items or donate them and I can pick it up from you! I hope that the items below can be as environmentally friendly as possible and not tested on animals. Alternatives local to Taiwan are the best (please provide for the Kirkland below..)

You can also check out June’s Wishlist here

Rubber Boots Men M For volunteers 2
Rubber Boots Men S (Women size L can also wear this) For volunteers 3
Rubber Boots Women M For volunteers 2
Rubber Boots Women S For volunteers 2
Working Gloves For volunteers 10
Face Mask (protect some volunteers from dirt/fur/etc) For volunteers Several Packs
Rubber Aprons For volunteers 3
Shovel Digging trenches and buildings CURRENTLY FULFILLED
Wooden planks (to build dog houses, etc) Buiding dog houses and shelters, for fixtures CURRENTLY FULFILLED
Towels (any odd assortments) Dog bedding, wiping hands, will split for people use and animal use Ongoing
Laundry Detergent Washing towels and dog beddings CURRENTLY FULFILLED
Dish Scrubbers Scrubbing doggy bowls and walls CURRENTLY FULFILLED
Metallic Scrubbers Scrubbing doggy bowls and walls CURRENTLY FULFILLED
Kirkland Dish Soap BIG Tub (any non-animal tested, local Taiwanese alternatives welcomed, by the gallon preferred) To wash dogs so make sure it doesn’t irritate CURRENTLY FULFILLED
14 & 25 Gallon PINK (New Taipei City bags Trash! Ongoing
Apple Cider Vinegar (Ongoing – if you know anyone who can supply bulk discount!) Supplement for animals diets Ongoing
Fish Oil Vitamin (Ongoing – if you know anyone who can supply bulk discount!) Supplement for animals diets Ongoing
Flax Seeds (Ongoing – if you know anyone who can supply bulk discount!) Ongoing
Large Metal Bowls (for doggy water or food) For the dogs CURRENTLY FULFILLED

About: Ex Animo is the animal-rescue branch of Taiwan Animal S.O.S. We have a beautiful animal sanctuary in SanZhi, quite close to Baishawan, where those animals unsuitable for adoption can live out their lives happily. But we also have a number of animals who would make a great addition to a home. You can contact and learn more here!

Location: Map it here at Section 1, Dànjīn Rd, Sanjhih District. Last time I got off on the Tamsui Red Line MRT Hongshulin Station and split a taxi with a few other people; each paying approximately 100NT I recall. There are also buses available and the map recommends taking it down to Tamsui Line and catching bus 1263, 1262, 860 or 882 for about a hour.


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