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Clothing Drive, Indigenous People, Socially Marginalized Groups, Youth

2012 4/15-5/30 Toy & Clothing Drive for Hualian Taiwanese Indigenous Tribes – Rangi Association (Northern Taiwan)

Toy and clothing drive for the indigenous tribes in Taiwan!

The ATAYAL Organization, Rangi Association and Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Enterprise Development Association will be joining forces. This one is set for June for the tribes and children in Hualian. Language proficiency open to all!Image

WHAT IS NEEDED: Adult and children’s clothing and footwear (esp for children), blankets, toys,etc.

NOTE: Please nothing that is ripped with holes or has excessive stains that cannot be washed out. No used socks or undergarments.

CONTACT: If you have something to donate, please contact Gary Smoke directly at 0920-558-017 or Facebook PM here. I will also be taking clothes and items over so you can email me as well – can let me know if you’d like this to go to this June drive or for homeless people in Taipei, flea market for Animal Rights, etc. I’ll probably be making a drop off every two weeks so you can courier items to my place or drop them off directly at Gary’s center (Tienmu).

HOW ELSE CAN I HELP? Other than donating, feel free to get in touch and join the organizations for events and festivities all year round! We’re up to a lot of good in Taiwan and always looking for fresh faces! Also do watch Voices in the Cloud 🙂



Atayal Organization : and FB here

Rangi Association: Coming Soon

Past drive for this in December here !


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