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2012 228「REBELLION ‧ FREEDOM!」Nylon Cheng Photo Exhibition (Taipei Area)

“Fish swim, birds fly, people learn…Learning is the experience of being alive, it is an expression of vitality. We only stop learning when we die.” – John Holt

To commemorate 228 we will be meeting at the Cheng Nan Jung (Nylon) Memorial Museum 鄭南榕基金會 for their special photo exhibition this Tuesday that runs until 6/30. What is 100% Freedom in Taiwan? What do the numbers 228, 407, 519 mean? Come find out!

Update 2/26: We have invited special guest Photographer Tseng Wen-ban (曾文邦) will be guiding us through the exhibit!

I went to the exhibition yesterday and was blown away. We were even insofar as to have the luck of a photographer walk in who took many of the photos and who was also the first photographer on scene of the incident when Nylon Chen (Cheng Nan Jung) self-immolated in his office which has now been turned into his memorial museum. They have not touched the interiors of office itself.

Date & Time: February 28, 2012 @ 2:00pm

Location: No. 11, 3F, Alley 3, Lane 106, Section 3, Mínquán East (opposite Chungshan Junior High MRT Station off the Muzha line). Google map here.

Task: To be a student, to learn, to ask questions, to live. To see activism in the mid 80s in Taiwan; become inspired to be an activist for what you believe in.

Admission: Free to all.

Language proficiency: Level One. I will be there on hand to translate and we have requested an English docent as well.

Take a look into the era when the Taiwanese people held onto the spirit of rebellion.
See the conviction of Cheng Nan Jung on his belief in 100% Freedom.
View the stories that are weaved underneath the matte facade of each and every photo.
Peer into the hearts of the people and their dedication to the cause.

“In the literal sense, our country may be small and our people few – but in the grand sense, the goodness within our country, our people, far exceeds that of which can be measured.”

February 23rd, 1987 excerpt from Cheng Nan Jung’s prison diary

See how this country and these people of goodness, persevered for 38 years under what was then the longest martial law period in world history.

See into how Cheng Nan Jung made the choice to rather burned than to have his soul destroyed.

Truly see this era’s true rebellion and absolute freedom.

The exhibition itself runs through June 30th 2012 and they have various docents on hand that can translate English   Whether if you want to understand Taiwan, if you live here, if you love Taiwan, then you must head to this exhibition.

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「我們是小國小民,但我們是好國好民」- 1987年2月23日鄭南榕 獄中日記




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Location: MinQuan


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