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2012 January Clothing Drive – Warm Clothing, Blankets, Sleeping Bags (Taipei Area)

Updated 2/20/2012

finally!! these are now all in boxes, friday night fun?
for our homeless friends in Taipei thanks to 當代漂泊 and distribution via 水泉教會
for indigenous families in Taitung thanks to Lydia Wu via 康樂福音教會
for our furry pals in Taipei (via flea market sales do check on their site for when/where) thanks to Animals Taiwan Association
some books and gadgets i really need to get to the English Library after having put that off for months, really sorry about that.
a few items i have set aside for potential art projects that i need to burn brain calories over.

i actually need more organizations or outlets within Taipei or Taiwan to get items out to – those that are in desperate need as it seems i and current orgs tend to have a glutton of things. i’m also open to people/friends introduced in NEED of clothing and i can pick out a few items in their size.

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As I shivered completely bundled up with jacket and scarf waiting for the bus after a few hours of Skyrim on this insanely chilly Taipei evening I thought that this is the “perfect weather to hose the homeless.” Sometimes for a control freak, not all the minor details need to come together before I proceed onto the next step – people are freezing. I had made the mistake of waiting and from experience I should have known to not wait for all the details to come together.

Donations will be gathered, sorted, and distributed either with an invitation extended to you or to groups that assist the homeless population in Taiwan. I have a few organizations I am trying to get in touch with (have already reached out) and also some churches in mind. Confirmation shortly but please trust me that these items will go to the right place and to the people that need them most – very likely I will accompany each organization to ensure this.

Language proficiency: any level and you don’t need a Taiwan alien resident visa to volunteer.


Please look through your closets now and give me all your warm sweaters, heavy jackets, coats gloves, scarves, blankets, and if you have sleeping bags that would be amazing. New warm socks and unopened packages of thermal warmie things are great too. Male and female.

If you could, please wash them first. If you could even hang items like blankets up to air out the dust and mothball smell that would be really generous too.


Please let me know by next Monday January 9th if you can drop off in Hsindien or arrange time for me to pick these up. CONTACT ME.

I hope to have drop off spots soon, perhaps directly at specific centers or churches that give aid to these folks all year round (yes they are homeless all year round and need assistance all year round) but for now, I will pick them up in my car. Anyone willing to let their home/office space become drop off centers, let me know.


1) Be a source of location for dropoff in your area

2) Provider of huge boxes(or 100NT for a box) and such monkey tools like tape to close boxes

3) A person who gets the word out about the drive!

4) Anyone who wants to help sort through the clothes.

As mentioned I was hoping to get more details but am pushing gathering items first. This is a first short term band aid and I’m working on future development for other volunteer opportunities, both short term and long term, specialty volunteers, and possibilities of raising awareness, community center/program development for the homeless, government and law enactments. Please bear with me on this and I also look forward to your contributions!


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2 thoughts on “2012 January Clothing Drive – Warm Clothing, Blankets, Sleeping Bags (Taipei Area)

  1. How do I go about helping with this?

    Posted by Laura Robb | January 24, 2012, 7:16 am
    • Hi Laura, thanks for your interest!
      Right now if you can spread the word I can gather some warm items – still need sleeping bags, thick jackets, sweaters and the like. I contacted the good people at Working Poor Unite who created the video and we will be in contact next week on what more we can do to not just alleviate, but fingers crossed, a long term solution end homelessness.

      I’ll definitely be posting this more and will also send you another comment or email when I have news! Thanks so much and hope your Lunar New Years has been well!

      Posted by handfulofsapphires | January 26, 2012, 8:26 pm

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