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2011 12/27 Love at First Sight Concert – Eden Social Welfare Foundation (Taipei Area)

UPDATE 1/23/2012 Images uploaded!

UPDATE 12/22 – Just went to the volunteer training session last night and this is probably one of the most top notch thorough sessions I’ve attended so far, not to mention the speediest reply to inquiry from any organization this year, non-profit OR profit. We went through all the steps in even simulating how to assist our visually impaired friends by taking turns guiding each other around the venue up and down stairs in blindfolds, plus a demonstration on how to assist those in wheelchairs ensuring we all know proper and courteous greetings and manners. For everyone who wants to get involved still, we still welcome everyone to come participate by coming to enjoy the music on the evening of 12/27! Steps away from GongGuan MRT Station. I will be there on 12/27 starting from 1pm all the way through the evening around 9pm.


Every year in December, Eden’s Choir for the Blind organize special concert to celebrate the anniversary. This year, Eden invites music students from Beautiful Mind Music Academy from Korea to celebrate the choir’s 26th anniversary. 18 young musicians with disabilities from Korea will perform overseas for the first time with blind signers from Taiwan.

The theme of the concert this year is “Love at First Sight.” These two music groups join together for the first time. Many of our musicians, either from Korea or from Taiwan, are visually impaired. Still, they fall in love with one another as they are bounded by their common love for music.

This international cooperation project recalls the theme of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities this year: “Together for a better world for all: Including persons with disabilities in development.” We believe that, when we stand up together to show to the world the beauty of persons with disabilities, we will make a better tomorrow for all.

VOLUNTEERS: Two types needed. Language proficiency is Level 3, being able to have general communication and ability to take instructions. BE SURE TO ATTEND TRAINING SESSION ON 12/21/2011 AS WELL. YOU MUST REGISTER FIRST BEFORE YOU CAN VOLUNTEER.

13:00-22:00 Volunteers (4) to carry leavy leads, carry equipment & dinner boxes, helping out with venue decoration and restoration, light and sound control, performers assistance, etc.

16:30-22:00 Volunteers (14) to provide guidance to the disabled, helping out at reception, etc.

12/21/2011 (Wed) Volunteer training:2011/12/21 18:30-20:30(Please be sure to join)
Location:Eden International Development Office
(B1, No.19-6, Lane 60, Guangfu N. Rd., Taipei)

Service time:2011/12/27(Tue)Event
Location:Grace Baptist Church (No. 90, Section 3, Hsin-Sheng South Road, Taipei; MRT Gongguan, Exit 3)

Summer Tsao
TEL:+886-2-5559-3628 FAX:+886-2-2577-4828;

Feel free to email me as well if you’d like. Summer has been so quick on response and so friendly I think you could contact with her though – so far this is the fastest turnaround ever from any organization I’ve contacted! Thanks also to Facebook group Taichung Volunteer Network for headsup on this organization!

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