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2011 12/18 Donations/Aritists/Musicians for Christmas Clothing Drive – Indigenous Atayal Tribe (Wulai/Taipei)

UPDATED 2012 01/05 – Pictures here!

The Community Services Center is joining in with the Atayal Foundation, the TVFD (Taipei Volunteer Fire Department) and The English Library in a clothing, toy and computer drive for Indigenous tribes in Taiwan, this time the Atayal tribe up in Wulai!

Pre-event news here!


(Proficiency Level open to ALL! Just need to be proficient in COMPASSION)

1) General donations for clothing, toys, computers please contact Gary Smoke at: 2874-6220 or 0920-558-017 to make arrangements for pick-ups or information where you can bring your donation.

2) Artist(s) – need a passionate artist to paint a backdrop!

3) Musicians to play in the show – please send an intro of yourself and sample of your music to me!

4) Christmas Carolers – self explanatory!


The clothing drive is ongoing so please donate on/before Dec 16th by contacting the super cool Gary Smoke of The English Library in Tienmu at 2874-6220 or 0920-558-017 ! The donations will be organized and brought up to Wulai on Dec 18th.

For all musicians, carolers, and artist(s), the event will take place in Wulai on that Sunday, December 18th. If you’ve never been to Wulai now is your chance to head up and meet great people and participate in a fantastic event that helps the indigenous tribes of Taiwan, plus you will always end up networking and being able to get involved in more activities throughout the year! Santa Claus will also be up in Wulai which is a easy 1 hour bus ride from HsinTien. For more information please contact Gary Smoke or myself.

I would recommend you to book a hotel on the evening of the 17th in Wulai or the 18th and spend a night in the hot springs there. Went earlier this year and it was fantastic, beautiful, makes for a great day trip outside of bustling Taipei. The hotels aren’t too expensive either but you gotta book now!

Some shots I took of Wulai earlier this year. Sooooo beautiful and green! Spending the holidays here is highly suggested.

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