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11/7 & 11/13 Volunteers/Participants Needed for Taipei Guerrilla Walk with Austrian Artist Oliver Hangl (Taipei Area)

UPDATE: 11/22 This was fantastic, I will post pics and 2nd official video up within the month from the Nov 13th event which lasted twice as long as the trial walk on Nov 7th. We actually had too many participants and had to trim down so having some volunteers to guide traffic would’ve been awesome and really helped on the logistics for the first walk, but oh well, next time?? OFFICIAL VIDEO! Taipei Guerrillawalk Nov 7 2011

Nov 7th 2011 Fan Video: Oliver Hangl Taipei

Great image from trial walk with Oliver Hangl through SanShui Street in Longshan Temple District. Next to him is our great DJ Jerry and curator Meiya Cheng plus two girls I could not live without – the best production assistants imaginable Mia Lu and Yu Ting Hung!

As part of the Digital Art Festival in Taiwan, our country will be playing host to some great international artists. We’ll be hosting Oliver Hangl from Austria.

For the first time in Asia, Oliver Hangl and a special guest DJ will be taking audiences through the cultural streets of Taipei as part of November’s Digital Art Festival! Only two sessions scheduled! Guiding walkers armed with wireless headphones through public spaces in the city on “guerrilla walks,” his narrative intertwined with music creates an immersive experience and creates a new alternate realm.


I was lucky enough to be the producer of this amazing “moving” art exhibition. Your help can come in two forms! One is simply to enjoy the walk as a participant or if you want to get further involved, you can also help guide everyone as we’re all on wireless headphones and the friendly streets of Taipei are not always oblivious-pedestrian friendly. Let me know what you are interested in. Language proficiency is Level One and this is a definite Pal Friendly event – you will need to be able to communicate with myself and the artist.

It’s a great way to get involved with some of the local people who are at the forefront of the art community in Taiwan.

Date / Time / Location:

First session: Monday, Nov 7th from 3:00 – 5:30pm
Second session: Sunday, Nov 13th from 3:00 – 5:30pm
Location: Starts in BoPiLiao Historic Block in Wanhua District – please confirm with me for more details as space is limited per session!

For more information:

Austrian artist Oliver Hangl is trained as a theater actor and creates artworks that mix the elements of live performance and action art. Most of them are live productions in public space that are open for audience participation and focus on the characteristics of the venues. Hangl has participated in many art festivals including MALTA Festival (Poland, 2009), Wir Sind Wien (Austria, 2011), Linz Ars Electronica (Austria, 2009 ), Quergeblickt: 100 Jahre Technisches Museum Wien (Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna, 2009) and the EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan. He is an adjunct lecturer of theater, cinema and media science at the Vienna University. He is also the founder of “K48-offensive for contemporary perception.”

The Jokok Fink Platz, transformed into an outdor silent discotheque as young revelers fill the space


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