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2011 11/7,10,14 DJ/MC for Taipei Guerrilla Walk w/Oliver Hangl (Taipei Area)

( UPDATED 11/3 CLOSED )Looking for a Taiwanese Hanyu/English speaking DJ/MC interested in contemporary art for a fun project! We will be interviewing this coming Tuesday on November 1st! Please send an email to me with a sample of your music and CV!

PROJECT: The Digital Art Festival is happening in Taipei in mid November and our country will be playing host to some great international artists. We’ll be hosting Oliver Hangl from Austria! Trained as a theater actor, Oliver creates artworks that mix the elements of performance and action art. His Guerrilla Walks takes participants on headphones through the busy streets of major cities, immersing the participant experience into seeing a different world around them.
TASK: Need one Taiwanese English speaking DJ/MC who can carry a mixer for the three events below on a walk through the streets of Taipei from BoPiLiao, Longshan Temple, etc!

Language proficiency level is 3 with a preference on being able to interact with the artist in English.

Date Commitments (arriving at least 1 hour prior to each event):
Nov 7th 3:00-5:30pm (Monday) – recorded and edited to video, broadcast at the Digital Art Festival installation.
Nov 10th TBC (just 30 minutes for press)
Nov 14th 3:00-5:30pm (Sunday)

Also look forward for volunteer participants for the Guerrilla Walk on November 13th! 🙂

FB Event Here:

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