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2011 10/10 Musicians & Event Photographer – Amnesty International Taiwan 國際特赦組織 (Taipei Area)

UPDATE 11/21 – Images from the great event, thanks everyone!

Update 10/6 – Punk Band NO ORDER will be playing alongside Wayne/Andy’s So Sad on 10/10. Thanks everyone! We are always welcoming photographers though.

Amnesty International in Taiwan is hosting an event on 10/10 (Monday night) and needs volunteers! This time we are dedicating the event to discuss at length the sensitive subject of the death penalty. A great punk local Taiwanese band is currently lined up but they would love to welcome another band or music act to join, as well as an event photographer to immortalize this event! This is an global affair and various organizations around the world will be honoring this day with their own event.

Language proficiency needed is Level One. You don’t need to talk and if you want to play music, if you can scream that’s even cool.


1) A great event photographer. Your views either for or against the death penalty are not important – as long as you have an open mind to come hear more and are pretty darn handy with a camera! Would love the time slot to be from around 6pm through 11:30pm so you can grab images of the venue setup, attendees listening in rapture to our amazing guest speakers, a coordinated group vigil held in honor of all those who have been executed or are on death row, letter writing participants, and of our great musicians.

2) Music acts for the lineup after the discussion and film, any genre for about a 30 minute set! Please email your contact information and a sample of your music! The current lineup includes Andy’s So Sad (傷心欲絕), a five-piece punk rock band which formed in 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. They’re influenced by artists such as Billy Bragg, Johnny Cash, Ramones, Against Me!, Darkbuster, Flogging Molly and also a huge Taiwanese pop gerne of the late 90′. Remember, we are open to any genre as activism has NO boundaries!

Amnesty Intl Taiwan does provide 車馬費/transportation fee for musicians and their gear!


10/10 World Day Against the Death Penalty

More on the event and you can also check it out on Facebook!

October 10th 2011 6:00pm
日期及時間:2011年10月10日 星期一晚上6點

No.1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Jhongjheng District, Taipei City
(near MRT C.K.S Memorial Hall Station)
地點:REVOLVER Taipei (02-3393-1678)

On a side note, I think this interesting for anyone to come join. The topic of the event isn’t something I have ever entertained until the last few weeks volunteering with AI. If we are to put a person to death or let others do so, I do believe it is worthwhile to understand both sides of the argument, for and against. Most religions teach forgiveness and yet we punish with death. Is this correct? Learning about the facts and myths about the death penalty is important before we blindly become either pro or anti. This affects LIVES.


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