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2011 9/21 Cycling Dedicated to Victims & Survivors of Earthquakes – Cycling for a Free Tibet (Taipei Area)

Here is an event that may be on interest many of you out there. Participants either to go along for the ride, or those who just want to give their wishes and support on this cycling journey are welcomed to join/stop by!

OBJECTIVE: Group cycling dedicated to the victims and survivors of earthquakes in Taiwan on 9/21/99 and in Kyigudo Tibet on 4/14/2010, Japan 3/11/2011, Sikkim India on 9/18/2011, hosted by Mr. Tashi Tsering from “Cycling for a Free Tibet”

PROJECT: Cycling dedicated to remembering victims and survivors of earthquakes; also in conjunction Mr. Tashi Tsering is a board member of Amnesty International Taiwan thus this also raises awareness to AI Human Rights issues and his ongoing campaign of a “Free Tibet”

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? Show up with a bike to go along for the ride or stop by and cheer him on. If you see him and the team on the streets, honk and/or wave! Also feel free to take pictures to share with him later. Language proficiency of all levels welcomed.

Location: Gong-yuan road entrance for 228 memorial park.

Route: 228 memorial Park to Taipei 101.

Rundown: Meet at location at 9am sharp (earlier if possible) on 9/21/2011 Wednesday morning.

Letter from Mr. Tashi Tsering

My dear friends,I am back to Taiwan. Tomorrow, Wednesday (9/21) I will continue the Cycling for Tibet Campaign.On Sep 21st, 1999 Taiwan had a big earthquake. I had just come to Taiwan at that time, it was a terrifying experience but through that experience I have also seen how strong Taiwanese are. It has been 12 years, most places have recovered from the earthquake.

On April 14th, 2010, another earthquake occurred in Kyigudo also know as Yu-Shu area in Tibet’s Kang district. At that time many foreign rescue teams including Taiwanese and Japanese teams wanted to help but the Chinese government declined their offer which caused more casualty. It has been over a year since the incident but the Kyigudo area is still not doing well. The recovering process has been very slow, and the Chinese government forcefully took Tibetan’s property under the name of re-building. Many Tibetan kids are forced to go to school in Beijing therefore separated from their parents and their culture.

Kyigudo Earthquake in Tibet on April 14th, 2010

March 11th, this year, Japan had an earthquake and people are still trying to recover from it. Just 2 days ago on Sep 18th, in India’s Sikkim area also had an earthquake, we have heard some news regarding the damage and casualty. I was born in India and I felt the pain and agony just like everyone in India.

Let us dedicate today Sep 21st to all the victims of the earthquakes, let us pray for them and hope nature disasters will not take anymore life. We truly hope that the rescue work will go smoothly and the recovering process will be a rapid one. Lets give our best support to those in need.    

Tashi Tsering

2011, September 20


Please read under disclaimer for volunteer involvement as this may be alternatively seen as a tad bit political if you are on a visitor visa. But stopping by to cheer or shake a hand, honk a car or bicycle horn – why not? Democracy, isn’t it?

More info on Cycling for Free Tibet

Link on Facebook Note is here

1. Tashi Tsering cycles for ‘Free Tibet’ in Taipei (Taipei Times, August 20, 2011)

2. 藏人騎單車向控訴中共暴政 籲馬勿忘承諾 (20110819 自由時報電子報)

3. 自由風景線 藏人向陸客揭中共暴政 (20110824 新唐人電台)

4. Photos of 2011, August 19:


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